The most Googled beauty trend of 2017

Strobe, outline, highlight, flash liner … beauty trend is really a gift of constant dedication. Then this year will be the biggest beauty trend, we hear you ask?

A new report shows the trend in Google, the shield has been searched for the most beautiful 2017.

When you think of it, it really is not surprising: from the best sheet masks, homemade face masks, even the best hair masks, no doubt, masking the dominant world beautiful over the past few years.

There is no reason to find your favorite masks and stick to it. Multi-masking, the application of different masks, the art of your face according to its different skin problems, is a particularly popular shielding method, gained great popularity in 2016. It allows you to treat different areas of your face, for example, an oily forehead dry area requires different treatments.

So if you want the skin supermodel, the answer is in your bag or pot mask.

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