11 Beauty Tips For Staying Comfortable If You Sweat A Lot

You might have thought the possibility of achieving both comfort and style was something only dreams were made of. The burning question I’m sure many people who suffer problems with perspiration would like to have answered is: How can you look good and feel comfy while sweating?

Sweating excessively — perhaps due to exercise, being outside in scorching hot weather, or being #blessed with overactive sweat glands — is usually not a pleasant experience. Of course, after a hard workout, you might feel proud to have broken a sweat, but in everyday life it’s not the best. You suddenly go from feeling dry, fresh, and fragrant to feeling like Slimer from Ghostbusters; your clothes start to chafe against your skin in places you didn’t even realize your clothes were and if you’re really lucky, you might start to smell. IMO, the body odor is the worst part, because unless you can get to a shower, you’re doomed to smell a little off for the rest of the day. In a nutshell: Feeling sweaty is not nice. So here are some steps you can follow, to give yourself the best chance of survival against the sweats and ensure that even if you do sweat, you still look and feel great.

1. Always Use Waterproof Mascara

Maybelline New York Colossal Mascara Go Extreme Waterproof – Very Black 9.6ml, $10.49, feelunique.com

This may seem like a no-brainer but, believe me, it’s easy to forget to apply waterproof mascara when you’re bleary eyed in the morning – especially if it’s not your go-to lash lengthening product. If you’re someone who wears mascara a lot, begin replacing normal mascara with waterproof mascara, because no-one wants to rock panda eyes.

2. Use A Sweat-Proof Foundation

Kat Von D Lock-It Powder Foundation, $35, sephora.com

Wearing foundation in summer can feel totally gross. It’s easy to feel super aware of the cakey layer sliding around on top of your skin; it can sometimes feel like it’s about to drip off! If you find this happening to you a lot, swap out your everyday foundation for a sweat-proof foundation instead, so you can stop worrying that you look like a character from House of Wax.

3. Look Out For Eye Makeup That Stays Put

Iconic Black Power Liquid Liner, $37, gucci.com

Believe it or not, there is eye makeup out there, other than waterproof mascara, that doesn’t budge. According to Allure’s Associate Beauty Editor Lexi Novak, Gucci’s sweat-proof liquid eyeliner is awesome. Novak said, “It doesn’t smudge, bleed, or migrate on my greasy lids. And the felt tip makes it easy to apply.” I’ll be taking 10, please!

4. Blotting Papers Are Your New BFFs

Sephora Collection Cooling Mint Blotting Papers, $8, sephora.com

Remember your middle school days when you’d never leave the house without your oil blotting papers? It’s time to reignite your love affair with these handy sheets to help you stay shine free in hot weather, or lend you a helping hand when you’re feeling a little flushed.

5. Use Spray Toner On Natural Skin

Lush’s Eau Roma Water Toner is a great product to use when you’re feeling a little hot and bothered. It also has a ton of other uses too!

6. Keep Body Wipes Handy

Action Wipes – Multipack Body Wipes That Remove Body Odor, Bacteria And Grime – Pack Of 25, $24.75, amazon.com

When you’re on the move and you’ve got no time to go back home to shower, these Action Wipes will be your saviours. According to their product description, Action Wipes, “…produce gentle suds that help remove body odor, bacteria and grime.” This makes them ideal for festivals, days at the beach, sports, or any days when you’re feeling the opposite of fresh.

7. Carry Feminine Fresh Wipes In Your Handbag

Always Radiant Wipes-To-Go 46 Count, $22.35, amazon.com

Don’t suffer feeling uncomfortable down below with a bad case of the crotch sweats, use a feminine wipe instead! These are individually wrapped in discreet pouches and are perfect for warmer days and for feeling clean when you’re on your period.

8. Tie Your Hair Up At The Beginning Of Your Day

Don’t let your medium length or long hair get all sweaty and tangled at the nape of your neck, pre-empt this perspiration attack and tie your hair up before you leave the house.

9. Put A Travel Size Dry Shampoo In All Of Your Handbags

Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo 50ml/1.6oz, $6.24, amazon.com

When you notice your hair is starting to look a little greasy, whip out a ridiculously cute, travel size dry shampoo to keep your roots looking fresh. Pop one in each of your handbags so you know wherever you go, your hair will look on fleek. They’re also handy for any last minute sleepovers.

10. Use A Setting Spray When Rocking A Full Face Of Makeup

De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray, $30, urbandecay.com

Set your makeup in place with this De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray by Urban Decay, to help you look flawless and selfie-ready at any time. Because channelling the Wicked Witch of the West is never a good look.

11. Invest In A Clinical Strength Deodorant

Secret Clinical Strength Ooh-La-La Lavender Invisible Solid Antiperspirant/Deodorant 2.6 Oz, $11.80, walmart.com

On days when you have to fight fire with fire, apply a clinical strength deodorant. Allure’s Social Media Manager Caitlin Heikkila, shared her favorite sweat-proof product: Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid in Ooh-La-La Lavender. Heikkila said, “It lasts all day, even on those 95-degree August days on the subway, and the lavender scent reminds me of being in my favorite place ever: Provence.” Hopefully, a clinical strength deodorant will extinguish the need to take a spare shirt with you on sweltering days – I’m not the only one that does this, right?

Whether you’re feeling the burn while working out, catching some rays, or getting way too hot under the collar during your commute, try out these tips to begin your journey towards a less sweaty life!

Images: DrewHays/Unsplash; Fuchsia/Pixabay; Courtesy Brands