11 Cruelty Free Clear Lip Glosses That You Need In Your Makeup Bag

With the ’90s fashion resurgence still going strong, I really want to bring back clear lip glosses in a big way. Not only does a natural gloss look fab on its own, but it can be layered over all your favorite lipsticks or mixed together with eyeshadows to add a few extra options to your existing beauty looks. With the rise of Kylie Jenner’s renowned Lip Kits, liquid lipsticks and matte finishes seem to be absolutely everywhere lately.

Popping down to your local beauty shop and grabbing either the first, most popular, or the cheapest option you find might be the easiest way to achieve a lusciously-lipped look. But more often than many of us would like, some brands test on animals. No matter how buff the look is, I am definitely someone who doesn’t want to deal with the guilt of smearing a product that has caused an animal pain across my mouth, and many others feel the same.

Urban Decay is my usual go-to cruelty-free beauty brand, but unfortunately for me, most of its current lip range is super brightly pigmented. Shortly following this realization, I decided to take myself on an online cosmetic quest to source a range of gorgeous glosses that won’t make anyone feel bad.

Here are the best 11 cruelty-free clear lip glosses out there, listed in order from the cheapest and most cheerful right up to the more glamorous higher end products.

1. Jordana, Squeeze N’ Shiny Lip Gloss


Squeeze N’ Shine Lip Gloss, $2, Walgreens

Warning: The Squeeze N’ Shine lipgloss by Jordana smells and tastes like delicious berries and will make you want to eat the whole tube. Although it’s the cheapest cruelty-free option for a clear lipgloss, I would recommend that you use this as a last minute backup option in an absolute makeup emergency. It won’t last very long, especially through everyday activities such as eating and drinking. It’s best used if you can’t find your usual go-to lippie or if you’re just posing for a few quick selfies.

2. Wet ‘n’ Wild, Through The Looking Glass Glassy Glossy Lip Gel


Through The Looking Glass Glossy Lip Gel, $2.99, Wet ‘n’ Wild

If you’re prone to dry lips, then you’ll be glad to hear that this gloss is loaded with ingredients such as jojoba oil, Vitamin E, and Indian lotus extract to keep your lips staying super soft. The reviews on the brand’s website claim that the quality is ace for the price, although you’ll need to keep reapplying it as the wear won’t last too long. The glossy lip gel has a fabulous shine and won’t cause your lipsticks to run all over the place when worn over the top.

3. NYX, Clear Mega Shine Lipgloss


Clear Mega Shine Lipgloss, $5, NYX Cosmetics

If you’re after a perfectly light gloss that’s easy to apply and don’t mind a sweet bubblegum scent, then this will be your go-to gal. The tiny amount of negative online reviews are well and truly swamped by the vast amount of people raving about how great this product is, with many makeup artists and fans claiming that it might be the best thing out there. If you’re looking for a decent clear lipgloss on a budget, then this will probably be your best bet.

4. The Body Shop, Mint Lip Gloss


Mint Lip Gloss, $5, The Body Shop

The Body Shop is a cosmetics company that prides itself on both being cruelty-free and part of the ethical trade program. Its fresh mint gloss slightly cools the lip while both moisturizing and adding a spectacular shine. Other fruity flavors in the collection apparently dry nearly transparent if you’re interested in something similar with a slight hint of color. The tubes are pocket-sized, too, so you’ll be able to sneak one just about anywhere.

5. H&M Beauty, All Clear Pure Lustre Gloss


All Clear Pure Lustre Gloss, $6.99, H&M

Back in the day, the only beauty products I’d be able to find in my local H&M were the odd lip balm gift set or glittery nail polish that would always be on sale at the checkout. But since the release of its new beauty range, I feel completely spoiled. Not only is the quality of the collection amazing for the price, but the Swedish brand has a strict animal welfare policy to ensure that the cosmetics are not tested on animals. This particular lipgloss has no online reviews, but judging by the high ratings given to other shades by beauty bloggers, it’s sure to be superb.

6. Bella Pierre, Clear Lip Gloss

Clear Lip Gloss, $10, Bella Pierre

The Bella Pierre lipgloss range feels thin on application, but thickens up as time goes on and has barely any stickiness to it. You’ll be constantly licking your lips because this gloss smells and tastes like a yummy vanilla cupcake. The wand makes it super easy to apply, the formula isn’t heavy or greasy at all, and you can trust that all ingredients contained in the product are natural since the brand specializes in mineral cosmetics. For the price, it’s definitely worth buying one to stick into your everyday makeup bag.

7. Gosh, Lip Oil 001 Honey


Lip Oil 001 Honey, $10, Superdrug

If you’ve ever used Clarins’ Instant Light Comfort oils but needed a cruelty-free and cheaper alternative that actually has the consistency of oil instead of gel, then Gosh lip oil is sure to be your new best friend. The oil offers a glossy and natural finish and should make your lips feel moisturized. Although Superdrug announced plans to provide international shipping in 2015, this product probably wouldn’t be worth pursuing unless you currently live in the UK or Republic of Ireland.

8. Cailyn Cosmetics, Clear Lip Gloss


Clear Lip Gloss, $12, Cailyn Cosmetics

This clear lipgloss from Cailyn Cosmetics has Vitamin E listed as a main ingredient, which acts as an antioxidant and should protect the cell membranes in your lips and make them feel fantastic.

There aren’t many online reviews of this lipgloss available, but if you’re looking for a high shine product with a little hint of vanilla for an affordable price, it could potentially be very good option.

9. Glo Minerals, Precious Liquid Lips


Precious Liquid Lips, $16, Gloprofessional

Turning to mineral makeup brands is a great idea if you’re dead set against using cosmetics that contain potentially harmful parabens, artificial scents, or chemical dyes, but obviously they aren’t for everyone. This liquid gloss is thick and shiny and your lips should feel luxuriously pampered from all the vitamins and green tea extract listed in the ingredients. Pretty much all online reviews are singing the product’s praises, aside for one person who claimed that the formula is slightly too sticky.

10. Nars, Triple X


Triple X, $26, Nars Cosmetics

This is a great choice for those who aren’t afraid to splash out on new products. The Nars lipgloss formulas were changed in 2014 to create a thinner and less tacky consistency, which makes them perfect for layering over other lip products. You’ll get a moderately hydrating and very comfortable wear. According to reviews, the Triple X is a high shine lipgloss with absolutely no shimmer and a lasting time of approximately three hours (even if your mouth happens to bump into an overly tempting snack).

11. Face Atelier, Clear Lip Glaze

Clear Lip Glaze, $28, Face Atelier

The Face Atelier clear lip glaze is a little pricey, but you can always grab yourself a tester off the website for a mere dollar if you don’t want to spend too much on a new product based purely on reviews. You also get a lot more for your buck as the tubes are jumbo sized, which means your pout will be shining bright for a whole lot longer. The texture of the gloss itself is very smooth and shiny, and bloggers have noted that it’s easy to apply and isn’t sticky compared to similar products.

Rocking a cruelty-free, natural-yet-shiny lip just got a whole lot easier, friends.

Images: Hatti Rex/Face Atelier, Glo Minerals, GOSH, Jordana, Nars; Courtesy Brands