11 Easy Hacks For Smelling Your Best This Summer No Matter What Now

In fact, there are several hacks to banish unpleasant smells and keep you feeling fresh all summer long — no shower required. Personally, I find that one of the easiest ways to banish sweat during the summer is by filtering out my wardrobe. For starters, I prefer to steer clear of any fabric that is going to cling or trap in heat. Not only are these clothing items begging for sweat stains, but they can also absorb excess sweat and moisture. This means that the clothes you’re wearing are literally causing you to smell worse throughout the day. Who needs that? Ditch your heavier wardrobe this summer in favor of lighter, more breathable fabrics.  Smelling great during the summertime doesn’t have to be an oxymoron.

Next, I always like to make sure that I avoid wearing any accessories that could be bogging me down. From backpacks to statement necklaces, there are many accessories that help to trap in heat and cause sweat. Over-accessorizing this summer could be the reason that you aren’t smelling your best. It’s tragic, but true. Wondering what other ways you can stay smelling fresh all summer long? Of course, if body odor isn’t something that bothers you, then you can ignore this and keep wearing your favorite statement necklaces. But if you’re looking for a way to smell a bit better, here are 11 hacks that will help to keep your skin, hair, and clothing smelling fresh all summer long.

1. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

According to Cosmopolitan, moisturized skin retains fragrances better than dry skin. Use a lightweight, non-scented moisturizer prior to applying your perfume to help make your signature fragrance stick.

2. Deodorize Your Shoes

No one wants to be caught with smelly shoes. To help eliminate unwanted foot odors WhoWhatWear.com suggested sprinkling either baby powder or baking soda in your shoes. The powder helps to absorb excess oils and moisture, while leaving behind a fresh scent.

3. Discover The Power Of Tea Bags

Dry tea bags are amazing for soaking up stale or smelly scents. Place a few throughout your closet, linen cabinet, and even in your shoes for fresher smelling fabrics.

4. Layer Your Scents

If you’ve found a particular scent that you love, try to incorporate it throughout your entire beauty routine for a larger impact. Start by using a scented body wash in the shower, and then following up with similarly smelling body lotion, deodorant, and perfumes in order to lock in the scent.

5. Travel With Dryer Sheets

Keep your clothing smelling fresh while you travel by adding a few dryer sheet to your luggage. According to LifeHacker.com, dryer sheets are amazing for masking unwanted smells and help to keep even soiled clothes smelling their best.

6. Make Your Own Linen Spray

Homemade linen sprays are a quick, easy solution to eliminate any unwanted smells from your clothing. According to the Free People blog, you can create your own linen spray by adding a few drops of your favorite essential oils to a spray bottle, and top it off with water. The combination helps to dilute the oils, so they absorb easily into the fabric.

7. Get Sweet Smelling Hair

Sweat doesn’t just affect your skin. It can leave your hair smelling bad as well. Cosmopolitan recommended masking any musky scents by spraying your favorite perfume on your hairbrush, and then combing the brush through your hair. However, the magazine does warn against spraying the perfume directly on your hair as the alcohol in the perfume could dry out your hair.

8. Keep Baby Wipes On Hand

Wipes, $6, pacificabeauty.com

Whether we like it or not, we may not always have time to shower. However, this doesn’t mean that we have to let unpleasant scents linger. Banish any sweat or oil buildup by using a cleansing cloth or baby wipe. Not only do the wipes feel refreshing on the skin, but they also help to wish away dirt and bacteria.

9. Reach For Stronger Smelling Scents

When it comes to smelling good, not all scents are created equal. In fact, there are several scents like citrus that tend to fade faster than others. Refinery29 recommended reaching for vanilla or sandalwood based scents for a long-lasting fragrance.

10. Place Bars Of Soap In Your Closet

Eliminate stale odors overnight by placing a bar of dry soap in your closet. According to BrightNest.com, soap releases its fragrance as it warms up. By placing a bar of soap in your closet, and shutting the door, you’re helping to deodorize the room as well as your clothes.

11. Protect Your Pits

Last, but not least, protecting your armpits is essential for smelling great during the summer. Whether it’s a stick, cream, or spray, choosing a long-lasting deodorant one of the best ways to stay smelling fresh. If you think you may need extra protection, try reaching for deodorants that are branded a clinical or prescription strength.

While sweat is unavoidable during the summer months, smelling badly isn’t. Keep your skin, hair, and clothing smelling fresh this summer by using easy summertime hacks to help keep bad smells at bay.

Images: Pixabay (12)