11 Flower Graduation Caps You’ll Want To Recreate

That said, a floral graduation cap is definitely the route that I would’ve gone down had I been allowed to go down it. Flowery graduation caps are undeniably pretty, interesting, and stand out. Plus, the implied meaning can get kind of poetic: You’ve bloomed, you’ve undeniably grown through high school, etc. I’m sure your mom will come up with something #deep and #meaningful to put on Facebook on the day of as well.  Here in the UK, we sadly miss out on the tradition of decorating one’s graduation cap, let alone being allowed to decorate one’s graduation cap with flowers.

Now, as a fully-fledged woman who will only get close to a graduation again when my future puppy passes training school, I still want to recreate these floral graduation caps. So if you’re still wondering what to do with your own cap, keep in mind that by copying one of these gorgeous floral graduation hats, you could be fulfilling a dream that I will never get to achieve. If you were going to create a flowery graduation cap for anyone, it may as well be me.

And even if you don’t end up using flowers on your graduation cap, you can at least admit that these 11 floral designs are totally beautiful.

1. Purple, Yellow, & White

This simple floral graduation cap by Annie Nguyen combines colors I would never have thought to put together, and they look absolutely beautiful. Nguyen kept the floral arrangement to the borders alone for an even more striking look.

2. In Touch With Nature

This flower design definitely isn’t what I had in mind when I thought of decorating graduation caps, but that makes it a stunningly unique way to embellish your own graduation cap with flowers.

3. The Funny One

If you were the class clown in school, why not be the class clown while it’s ending, too? You can take inspiration from this SpongeBob SquarePants cap for some watercolor effects.

4. Less Is Not More; More Is More

You have to love when someone takes a theme and runs with it, and this cap has done exactly that. Not only is the entire thing covered in flowers, but there’s a glittery quote on there as well. I love it.

5. The Real Deal

Made with real life flower petals, this graduation cap took the idea of “floral grad cap” literally and it works.

6. Monochromatic

By not going OTT with the flowers or the quote, they both balance each other out and yield a gorgeous monochrome effect.

7. A Floral Background

Instead of limiting yourself to 3D floral designs, why not take your adoration of flowers to the very root and make the background of your mortar board a printed flower design?

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8. Beyoncé Themed

Make your love of Bey influence all areas of your life by recreating this amazing Yonce-themed graduation cap.

9. Pretty & Painted

If you have the skills to paint a design as pretty as this one on your graduation cap, then you absolutely have to! It just looks so lovely.

10. A Work Of Art

I’m seriously in love with the attention to detail and layering on this floral graduation cap. It’s so intricate and well designed.

11. Lace & Pearls

Keep things classy with this flower and pearl design. It’s simple yet elegant.

Hopefully this collection of floral graduation caps has inspired you in your quest to decorate your mortar board as best you can. Even if you don’t go the floral route, however, these tutorials should help you work out how to execute whatever it is you hope to achieve.

Images: Shannon Clark, Dailyannie, Holly StonealdergatoramandaKeyana SadeJessica from Ahjummacated, Miss Blonde AmbitionMegan Makes/YouTube