11 Sweat-Proof Makeup Tutorials Which Will Keep Your Face In Place This Summer — VIDEOS

While the season might seem like a time to skip the makeup all together, these 11 sweat-proof makeup tutorials will help you beat the heat. Be prepared to become a long-lasting beauty believer, because these videos have all the tips and trick for summer makeup that you could ever need. If there’s anything better than bright lip colors and eyeshadows for summer, it’s products that stay in place.

There’s nothing worse than applying makeup only to have it melt off as soon as your step out the door. Hot weather mixed with outdoor activities, and trying to look great isn’t always the greatest combination, but it will be after a few tips from your favorite beauty vloggers. These trendy experts have tried more products than you can even believe, so you know that their advice is going to be on-point. Plus, all their advice is totally free, so you really can’t beat it.

From which products actually work to how to layer for long-lasting application, these makeup experts are sharing all the secrets. Whether you have oily skin, dry skin, or a combination of both, there’s a video out there for you. So before you brave the beauty aisles trying to find the perfect products for you, let these vloggers lead you in the right direction.

1. Quick & Long-Lasting

Ingrid Nilsen shows how to layer cream and powder products to last all day. If your problem is oily skin, this quick, everyday tutorial is the one for you.

2. Pop Of Color

Not only is Christen Dominique’s tutorial perfect for summer, it’s also sprinkled with tons of tips for keeping your makeup long lasting in any weather.

3. Summer Daytime Glam

Laura Lee always keeps it real. She explains why she does every single sweat-proof step, so you can recreate the look with whatever products you have in your makeup bag.

4. Sweat Proof Drugstore Look

Not only is this tutorial completely sweat-proof, but it uses all drugstore products too.

5. Night Out

This vlogger actually tested this look during a night out before she put it on her channel, so you know it’s going to be great.

6. Mermaid Vibes

This is the ultimate summer look, it also happens to be completely sweat-proof.

7. Workout Look

Check out this tutorial if you’re looking to hit the gym in style and not ruin your hair or makeup in the process.

8. Stay-All-Day Makeup

This might be a throwback tutorial, but it’s totally worth it because of how well it works.

9. Glowy Skin

If you think sweat-proof means skipping the glam, think again.

Thank goodness for all these beauty experts!

Image: Christen Dominique/YouTube (1)