12 of the modern “cool girl” styles

Just look at Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid — two of the most famous models on the scene right now are pretty much ride or die for all things ’90s. There’s a certain look that’s everywhere right now, and it generally involves chokers, crop tops, and chunky boots. It’s a distinctive style that may seem familiar, and there’s a reason why — it’s because most of our modern “cool girl” fashion trends are from the ’90s.

Everything old is new again, right? Well, that statement has likely never been more true than it is right now — ’90s redux is real, and it seems like it’s here to stay. You’d actually be hard-pressed to find a picture of a current It girl without a choker; that’s how prevalent the new-old look is. It’s not just all the chokers either, it feels like all the old trends are back all across the board. Heck, even the nerdy round-framed wire-rimmed glasses Special Agent Dana Scully wore in the early seasons of The X-Files are starting to become fashionable once more, and if that’s not a harbinger of quintessentially ’90s style, I don’t know what is.

So, with all that in mind, let’s take a look at 12 of the modern “cool girl” styles that were actually unabashedly cribbed from the ’90s.

1. Slinky Slip Dresses

And why wouldn’t slip dresses be back? They’re sexy as hell and pretty much universally awesome.

2. Crop Tops

Sometimes it seems like it’s easier to find crop tops these days than regular-length shirts.

3. Platform Shoes

Talia Wedge Sandal, $35.59, asos.com


4. Tattoo Chokers

’90s Tattoo Choker Necklace, $6.47, asos.com

100 percent ’90s redux. Fun fact: I got that exact choker from the kiddie prize bin at my dentist’s circa 1998.

5. All Chokers, Really

They’re everywhere.

6. Grungy Plaid

Somedays Lovin Skater Dress in Plaid, $43.67, asos.com

Very Claire Danes circa My So-Called Life.

7. A-Line Miniskirts

Rachel wore minis just like this all the time on the early seasons of Friends.

8. Mom Jeans

Seriously, who ever predicted that mom jeans would come back?

9. Ditsy Print Florals

Floral Print Dress By Topshop Finds, $90, us.topshop.com

The daisies. The skater cut. The open back.

10. Boho Headbands

Oh, headbands.

11. All Things Velvet

Velvet — especially crushed velvet — is especially evocative of the early ’90s.

12. Chunky Boots

Oh, remember the days when Doc Martens reigned supreme?

Images: Courtesy of Brands