25 Sports Bras Under $25 That’ll Up Your Gym Game, Yet Also Save You Some Cash

There are so many shapes, sizes and colors — not to mention price points — that finding the right one may seem impossible. Luckily, there are tons of cheap sports bras under $25, and they are beyond stylish and supportive.  Now that we know that the athleisure trend is officially here to stay (thanks, Beyoncé and Kylie Jenner), picking out a sports bra can be an overwhelming task.

Since summer sunshine and warm weather are (finally) here, it’s officially time to strip off our sweatshirts and put all of our cute workout wear on display. There are a few things to keep in mind when selecting the right bra for your body — most importantly, support. Since your breasts have no muscle in them, you need a bra to help hold them up while you’re working out (obviously). Otherwise, you risk movement and bouncing, which damages the skin, breaks down your Cooper’s Ligament, and inevitably causes sagging. Plus, who wants to worry about their pesky boobs hitting them in the face while they’re in the middle of crushing a workout? (Not me!)
To combat this, opt for a sports bra with additional support in the form of layers and side panels, which gives added backup to the standard cup-and-band situation you may be used to. Another thing to consider is how hard you’ll need your bra to work for you. The higher intensity the workout you plan to do, the higher support sports bra you should choose. So for walking, a low-support bra will work fine, but for something like running or intense aerobic exercise you should opt for a high-support option.
Here are 25 sports bras — all under $25! — that will keep your twins perky, comfortable, and of course, looking chic.

1. Forever 21 Medium Impact Sportsbra

Forever 21 Medium Impact Sportsbra, $14.99, Forever21.com

This double-layer bra will give you added support, and you’ll never have to choose between black or white gym-wear!

2. Soybu Levity Low-Impact Printed Sports Bra

Soybu Levity Low-Impact Printed Sportsbra, $20, Macys.com

This low-impact bra is great for yoga, walking and hiking. Plus, the hot pink will make your tan pop!

3. Animal Print High Impact Sports Bra

Animal Print High Impact Sports Bra, $19, SimplyBe.com

Who says animal print can’t be gym-appropriate? This style goes from size 36-C up to 50-DDD.

4. Moving Comfort Hot Shot Sports Bra

Moving Comfort Hot Shot Sports Bra for Women, $19.95, SierraTradingPost.com

These thick straps will keep your boobs from moving, even during the most intense workouts.

5. Ideology Seamless Low Impact Sports Bra

Ideology Seamless Low Impact Sports Bra, $20.98, Macys.com

Seamless sports bras, like this one, help minimize rubbing or chafing, which can become problematic during an extra-sweaty gym sesh.

6. Criss Cross Sports Bra

Criss Cross Sports Bra, $24, Humblechic.com

These unique criss-cross lines can function as a sports bra or as an added layer of dimension underneath a backless going out top.

7. Good Sport Reversible Sports Bra

Good Sport Reversible Sports Bra, $9.99, Hurley.com

Two sports bras for the price of one? Sign us up!

8. Xersion Caged-Back Sports Bra

Xersion Caged-Back Sports Bra, $12.99, JCPenney.com

With multiple straps going in all sorts of ways, your boobs will be held upright from every direction.

9. Nike Pro-Victory Compression Sports Bra

Nike Pro-Victory Compression Sports Bra, $22.50, Nike.com

A compression sports bra, like this one, will give added support to your bust line from all the way around.

10. Electric Yoga Stephanie Sports Bra

Electric Yoga Stephanie Sports Bra, $19.97, Hautelook.com

This pastel, ruched bra is perfect for all activities — not just for yoga!

11. b.Tempted by Wacoal b.Active Sports Bra

b.Tempted by Wacoal b.Active Sports Bra, $15.97, Nordstromrack.com

The cut out in this b.Tempted bra gives an added element of peek-a-boo sexiness

12. Power Core Compression Cami Sports Bra

Power Core Compression Cami Sports Bra, $16.99, Target.com
We bet you don’t have a bright blue sports bra in your closet as cute as this one. 

13. Avia Women’s Mix n Match Sports Bra Value Bundle,

Avia Women’s Mix n Match Sports Bra Value Bundle, Pack of 2, $16.99, Walmart.com

This mix and match packs lets you pick two different colors to rotate through your weekly workouts.

14. DP Active Purple Colour-Block Sports Bra

DP Active Purple Colour-Block Sports Bra, $14, Dorothyperkins.com

The color blocking trend has officially hit the gym.

15. AEO Low Impact Sports Bra

AEO Low Impact Sports Bra, Multi, $11.97, AEO.com

Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.

16. Bra With Adjustable Straps

Bra With Adjustable Straps, $15.99, Zara.com

This basic, low-support sports bra is great for gentle yoga classes, or for layering under a breezy summer tank top.

17. Full Tilt Sport Printed Cage Front Bra

Full Tilt Sport Printed Cage Front Bra, $9.99, Fultilt.com

The unique front-cross makes this bra a real statement piece. Try it out with the matching leggings, or pair it with your classic black ones.

18. RBX Printed Sports Bra – Low-Impact

RBX Printed Sports Bra – Low-Impact, $14.95, Sierratradingpost.com 

Can’t decide between black, white, printed or neon? This is the bra for you.

19. AND1 Women’s Plus Size Printed Compression Bra

AND1 Women’s Plus Size Printed Compression Bra, $12.88, Walmart.com

Head-to-toe hot pink camo — perfect for a bootcamp-style class!

20. Flirtitude Front-Zip Sports Bra

Flirtitude Front-Zip Sports Bra, $19, JCPenney.com

Unzip the front zip mid-workout for a little extra ventilation when you’re extra sweaty.

21. Spalding Color Block Tie-Dye Cami Sports Bra

Spalding Color Block Tie-Dye Cami Sports Bra, $12.99, SierraTradingPost.com

Embrace your inner ’90s girl with this classic tie-dye print

22. Threads 4 Thought Catima Sports Bra

Threads 4 Thought Catima Sports Bra, $19.97, NordstromRack.com

This geometric print with pops of white will make you extra-visible on the hiking trail. Make sure to bring water!

23. Plus Size Tek Gear Bra: Low-Impact Racerback Sports Bra

Plus Size Tek Gear Bra: Low-Impact Racerback Sports Bra, $16, Kohls.com

This blue and orange floral color combo is perfect for showing off your fitness.

24. Armour Mid Women’s Sports Bra

Armour Mid Women’s Sports Bra, $24.99, Underarmour.com
Unleash your inner athlete with this sports bra from Under Armour that comes in black with a variety of different colored bands.

25. Champion C9 Power Core Women’s Compression Racer Back Sports Bra

Champion C9 Power Core Women’s Compression Racer Back Sports Bra, $16.99, Target.com

Black and orange isn’t just for Halloween! Whip out this interesting color combo at the gym or in spin class this season.

Images: Andrew Zaeh/Bustle; Courtesy of Brands