6 Pore Strip Mistakes You’re Making At Home And How To Fix Them

If you aren’t getting those results, here’s a few pore strip mistakes you’re making and how to fix them.  We all love pore strips. Besides the fact that you get a feel-good sensation when you take “me” time to take care of your skin, you also get the instant satisfaction of seeing those gross blackheads removed off of your face.

Pore strips are popular because they can almost instantly lift away dirt, oil, bacteria, and blackheads from your nose. Blackheads happen when your body’s natural oils build up in your pores, pushing dirt and bacteria to the surface of your skin. When the oils reach air, they turn black, and pore strips help extract those black heads. You can find pore strips almost anywhere, for usually just a few dollars. But are they worth it? Well, the answer is definitely yes…if you do them right.

Often, people skim through the directions and slap on a pore strip, forgetting all about it 45 minutes later or ripping it off their nose within five minutes. Both techniques are bad news. There is a right and wrong way to utilize pore strips to get the healthiest, cleanest, calmest skin of your life, so here’s some common mistakes to avoid.

1. Not Washing Your Face First

Philosophy Purity One Step Cleanser, $24, ulta.com

Pore strips aren’t made to wash your face, they’re designed to extract blackheads. Make their job easier by washing your face first, so your strips can get right to work.

2. Skipping The Steam

Coalion Premium Blackhead Steam Pore Pack, $23, sephora.com

In addition to washing your face, you should definitely steam your face prior. Why? The heat from the steam will open up your pores, making extraction easier, less painful, and more effective.

3. Not Wetting Your Nose Properly

Biore Pore Strips, $8.20, drugstore.com

Some of the nastiest blackheads reside in and around the corners of your nostrils. Often, that’s the first place we skip when it comes to making sure the skin is wet enough for the pore strip to stick. Follow the directions on the back of your box and throughroughly wet your whole nose before applying the strip.

4. Not Leaving The Strip On Long Enough

Boscia Pore Strips, $28, sephora.com

Give your strip its allotted minutes to do its thing. If not, you may take it off to find a squeaky clean strip and a blackhead-infested nose. No thanks.

5. Using Pore Strips On Sensitive Skin

Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Nose Pore Strips, $3.75, drugstore.com

When you remove a dried pore strip from sensitive skin, the pulling motion and extraction can cause inflammation. Heck, it can do this to normal or even oily skin if you skip the above steps. But if you’re naturally dry, sensitive, or have a sunburn, skip strips and opt for a DIY solution, like tea tree oil.

6. Using Pore Strips First Thing In The Morning

Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner, $9, drugstore.com

When you strip blackheads from your skin, the pores left behind are open, sensitive, and vulnerable to greater infection from any dirt, oil, or makeup. You want to avoid sweat, makeup and the outdoors immediately after using one. Opt to use pore strips at night right before bed, but don’t forget to slip on a clean pillowcase!

Now that you know, never make the same pore strip mistakes again!

Image: Pexels