6 Ways To Repair Damaged Hair—Because No One Wants A Head Of Straw

Do you count your split ends when you’re bored? Are you always rocking a frizz halo? Does your hair feel rough and dry unless you douse it with conditioner? Girl, you’ve got damage. Everyone has it, and everyone can use some tips on repairing damaged hair. We’re all human.

Every day, we’re abusing our hair in some way, whether that’s blasting the hair dryer, clamping it with a straightening iron, or pulling it into a super-tight ponytail before spin class. (Ain’t nobody got time for hair in her face during tap-backs.) And that’s even before you factor in the really damaging stuff, like color- and chemical-treating hair. Before you know it, your hair looks dull, feels dry, and snaps easily.

The good news — there’s plenty you can do to restore your hair to a point where it’s back to its healthy and shiny self. And once you do experience your newly healthy hair, you’ll never want to slack on it ever again. You don’t have to overhaul your entire routine. All it takes is following a few simple steps. That’s why we’ve partnered with Hask Beauty to bring you the best tips for healing your damaged hair for good.

Swap In A Deep Conditioner

It’s a universal truth. Hair never feels as silky-smooth as when you first condition it. A deep conditioner like Hask Bamboo Oil Strengthening Deep Conditioner does just that, but even more so than your everyday formula. It contains bamboo protein to reinforce weak hair strands. Twice a week, slather it on in place of your usual conditioner, wait 10 minutes (i.e., as long as it takes you to shave your legs), and rinse.

Or Use A Weekly Hair Mask

A weekly hair mask isn’t as convenient as deep conditioner, but it’s worth it, especially if you color your hair frequently. Look for one designed for color-treated hair, since formulas restore vibrance or even enhance your color while simultaneously nourishing hair.

Swear Off Heated Styling Tools

Directing heat to your hair saps all of its moisture, making it prone to breakage. (Just think of how dry spaghetti snaps much more easily than cooked pasta.) Those blow-outs add up, and even if you regularly treat your hair to a deep conditioner, it’s still worth taking a break from your curling iron.

Prep With A Heat Protectant

If you must heat-style your hair, first spray it with a heat-protecting formula. The extra step can be a hassle (especially if it requires a salon trip), but it’s worth it for minimizing damage and keeping your hair healthy and strong. After all, what’s the point of styling your hair to the nines if it’s just going to look dull and dry?

Detangle With A Comb

Bristles can do a number on your hair — boar bristle or not. Instead of your hair sliding around them as you pull the brush through, any tangles just snag and snap. Your hair’s easier to detangle when it’s damp and freshly conditioned, anyway, and a comb offers you more control. Instead of indiscriminately tearing through knots, you can work them out with the teeth. This switch will prevent breakage and protect weaker strands.

Loosen Up Your Ponytail

Nothing puts us in workout mode quite like a tight, sleek ponytail, but that tight elastic can weaken the strands in that section of hair — especially if you wear it in the same spot on a regular basis. If you can’t bring yourself to rock a scrunchy (no one would blame you, even if they’re gentler on your hair) at least use one less loop for your ponytail.

This article is sponsored by Hask Beauty.

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