7 Curly Hair Techniques That’ll Speed Up Your Morning Routine

Calling all curls! Curls of all kinds, from waves to spirals to coils to kinks, are having a moment right now. (Took long enough, in my opinion.) Over the years, they’ve gotten a bad rep for being unruly, tough to style, and generally high-maintenance. And if you have them, then you’re constantly looking for curly hair hacks to shorten your morning routine. Raise your hand if your strategy in grade school was to straighten your hair every single day!

But just because you have more curls than you can handle doesn’t mean you should try to turn them into something they’re not. If you’ve been wearing your natural curls forever, high five. If not, try it! Once you actually embrace your natural curls, it’s like a whole new world of haircare, since getting manageable curls comes down to how well you care for them. There’s plopping (keep reading). There are microfiber towels. There are diffusers. There are dozens and dozens of curl-specific products.

While it’s great to have a lot to choose from (thank you, haircare gods!), it can also get overwhelming, especially if you’ve overslept and don’t exactly have time to work your way through a complicated styling routine for your curls. That’s exactly why we’ve teamed up with Hask. No time? No big deal. For those mornings when you just can’t, these genius hacks for curly hair will do it for you.

Switch To The Right Shampoo And Conditioner

NBD if you keep borrowing whatever hair products your roommate keeps in the shower. (I mean, what?) While generic formulas are totally fine, a shampoo and conditioner designed for curls, like Hask Coconut Milk & Organic Honey, makes curls more manageable and easier to style. It’ll save you time post-shower, and, bonus: Your curls will feel softer and smoother, since curl-specific shampoos and conditioners are designed to give them exactly what they need.

Comb Your Hair Out While It’s Wet

Any girl with curls will tell you that not brushing your curls is key. (Have you ever seen a product that promises to un-define curls? Exactly, because nobody wants that). But tangles happen to the best of us, which is why you should brush your hair while it’s still wet, right before your curls have begun to take shape. Better yet, do it with a comb. It’s much gentler on your hair.

Spray On A Curl Refresher

Curls benefit from not being washed on a daily basis, since shampoo can strip them of the oils they need to feel soft and healthy. That’s the advantage of a curl-refreshing formula. If your curls get squished after a night of sleep, spritz on a curl-refreshing spray, scrunch it in, and watch them come back to life.

Use The Diffuser Nozzle

The diffuser is your BFF, as long as you prep your hair with a heat protectant, of course. Not only does it quickly dry your curls while keeping them intact, but it also boosts the volume of your hair. (Pro tip: Flip your head forward and blast the diffuser at your hair upside-down for a few seconds for serious volume.)

Braid It While It’s Wet

Running late? Hey, it happens to the best of us! Instead of leaving the house with a wet head of hair, which means you have no idea how your hair’s going to look once it dries, throw it into a loose braid or two. It’s gentler than a ponytail (which can damage wet hair, curly or not) and you’re guaranteed soft, even waves once they’ve dried and you shake them loose.

Pat With A Microfiber Towel

A key part of caring for your curls: prevention. if you don’t want to spend 10 minutes trying to tamp down your frizz, swap out your usual terrycloth towel for a microfiber version, which is smoother and won’t cause unnecessary friction (one of the primary causes of frizz). Also, just pat it. Rubbing your hair is like RSVPing for a frizz fiesta.

Try Out Plopping

Never heard of plopping? I’ve got you. “Plopping” is a method in which you plop your curls down onto a cotton T-shirt, fold it up around said curls, and sit with them on top of your head while they dry. The best part: Your curls dry perfectly without any heat — no frizz here — so they remain healthy and strong.

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