7 Cute Cat Accessories For The Stylish, Feline-Obsessed

From watches to socks, cat accessories are everywhere, and they’re all equally adorable. Whether you’re a jewelry lover or looking for a more statement making kitty style accessory, the Internet is a wonderful place, and as we all know, the Internet is full of cats.

Let’s be honest, pet owners love their pets. In fact, I think it’s safe to say that most pet owners view their pets as family members. For those of us who have cats, though, the love of our animals has moved into our fashion. These 7 cute cat accessories are perfect for the stylish, feline-obsessed — yes, I avoided the purrr-fect pun).

While dressing your cat in their own fashions doesn’t always go well, cat owners can always take their equally as strong love of style and transfer it to themselves instead of their poor feline friends who’d rather claw their faces than wear that sweater — no matter how adorable it is. Cute cat accessories for cat lovers is clearly a much more safe way to showcase your love of your feline.

With celebrities like Ariana Grande rocking cat ears and Taylor Swift killing it in cat-themed fashion, it’s no wonder cat-themed accessories seem to be all the range now. It’s no longer the occasion necklace or sweatshirt, if you want it, you can probably put a cat on it.

So what cute cat accessories can you snag now?

1. Feminist Cat Tote Bag

Cats Against Catcalls Totebag, $25.95, Feminist Apparel

Want to make a statement while also rocking cats? Here you go.

2. Comfy Socks

Photographic Cat Socks, $7, Accessorize

Comfy and catty.

3. Delicate Kitty Earrings

Sterling Silver Stud Earrings, $9, Urban Outfitters

For a more delicate homage to felines, these earrings are perfect.

4. Whisker Phone Case

Lulu Guinness Kooky Cat iPhone 6 Case, $57, ASOS

Those whiskers are everything.

5. Sweet Necklace

Dogeared Gold-Dipped “Its Meow or Never” Necklace, $40, Neiman Marcus

A sweet necklace with a sweet message.

6. Kitty Clutch

Cat Got Your Funds Clutch, $39.99, ModCloth

Show off your feline obsession proudly at the grocery.

7. Cat Watch

Leather Strap Catier Watch, $14, Meowingtons

Of course a watch face must have a cat face.

Images: Courtesy of brands