7 Hair Tools Every ‘90s Girl Couldn’t Live Without

At least, not yet anyway. Chokers, Birkenstocks, and mom jeans — ah, nostalgic relics of the ’90s currently having its modern day moment. Tragically, the hair front did not fare so well. Though crimped hair and oversized scrunchies were prominent fixtures in the ’90s girl lifestyle (looking at you, DJ Tanner), these hair tools failed to make the transition to the twenty-first century.

Looking back, hair tools of the ’90s seem to share a commonality: all show, but questionable substance. A handy gadget that will twirl tresses into the perfect braid — am I dreaming? Then there’s the enticing image of bedazzled hair— but how long will those sparkly gems last amidst humidity and frizz? Reality calls, after — or perhaps that is just the 2016 in me speaking.

Though the hair tools of our youth would not survive today’s cutthroat consumer market, there’s no harm in a bit of reminiscing. And while I personally found myself lusting over Kelly Kapowski’s luscious mane, I’ll admit that I had the infamous hair crimper phase — and by phase, I mean the phase of where I (unsuccessfully) begged my mom to buy me one.

Whether you promised a month’s worth of chores in exchange for the latest hair contraption or shamelessly borrowed/stole from your best friend, you knew: there was no obstacle that could stand between a ’90s girl and her beloved hair tools.

1. Hair Crimper

Vintage Crimping Iron, $28, etsy.com

Of course, I cannot mention ’90s hair tools without including the one and only hair crimper. From Tyra Banks to Britney Spears, every gal of the decade rocked these trendy ringlets. Petition for crimped hair to make a comeback, anyone?

2. Butterfly Clips

Claire’s Ombre Butterfly Clips, $5.99, claires.com

Bless you Claire’s — there is a reason why you were the ultimate retail therapy haven for every ’90s girl. But most importantly, can we acknowledge the fact that Claire’s is still stocking the butterfly hair clips of our childhood? It’s not too late, ladies. Back then, the more butterflies you had clipped in, the better — but if you paired them with cornrows? Out of this world.

3. Conair Quick Braid

As someone who still struggles to execute a decent braid, I’m not going to lie: I would be all game for trying the Quick Braid. With a mere press of a button, you could easily transform lifeless strands into intricate braids — and with decorative beads too!

4. Part Pizazz

I’m still watching this commercial over and over again wondering… what is the science behind this? How can such a gadget weave the most pristine part? And why did the ’90s dearly love their zig-zag parts? So many questions left unanswered.

5. Hair Scrunchies

’90s Velvet Scrunchies, $5, etsy.com

The ’90s in one sentence: high pony, velvet scrunchie. Every generation of the Tanner sisters did it — DJ, Stephanie, Michelle — and let’s be real, you probably were guilty of the same combo too.

6. Topsy Tail

If you’re getting bored of your hair, don’t despair!” The Topsy Tail was all about combining style with versatility, but I think what they really mean is a quick and convenient way to update the otherwise mundane ponytail.

7. Conair Quick Gems

Conair Quick Gem Hair Jeweler, $10.19, target.com

There’s jewels for your fingers and jewels for your body, so why not jewels for your hair? And to be honest, I would not be against having stars and hearts in my hair at age, even at age twenty-one.

Images: Courtesy Brands, Warners Bros