7 Movies To See If You Loved Baby Driver

Now that it has spun into theaters and enthralled audiences as much as it did critics, the general consensus is that Baby Driver is the coolest and most entertaining film of the summer and probably the year, so far.

Baby Driver’s impressive box office haul suggests that one or two people have gone to see the film on multiple occasions, too. If you’re in that camp, then by this point you’re probably in the mood to check out some other similarly audacious efforts. Thankfully, CinemaBlend has you covered. So if you’re jonesing for complementary content, here are seven films to see if you loved Baby Driver.

Ryan O'Neal in The Driver

The Driver

Edgar Wright has been extremely open about how much of an influence Walter Hill’s 1978 crime thriller was to Baby Driver, even admitting as much when I was lucky enough to visit its set last year. It’s not just that their titles are similar, though. It’s also that The Driver is packed with impressive car chases and action sequences, possesses a relatively simple premise and is led by Ryan O’Neal monosyllabic, but undeniably cool leading character, whose name is never actually revealed. A critical and box office flop upon it original release, The Driver has since garnered a cult status that Baby Driver’s success will only enflame.