7 Questions We Had After Seeing Baby Driver

Edgar Wright movies tend to buzz by in a blur, and none faster than his latest, Baby Driver. With its unprecedented success in terms of Wright’s career, the film is fast living up to the praise that’s been coming down the road for a good portion of this year.

We don’t need to try and convince you any more on just why this film is worth seeing, but we can start to discuss some of the lingering questions the film has left in our minds. Out of everything we’ve seen, from multiple viewings of this film, these are the questions we really want the answers to. Maybe in Baby Driver 2?

Baby Driver Baby planning room

Who Taught Baby How To Drive?

As far as the childhood of Baby (actually named Miles) is concerned, we know very few details. We know that Baby was orphaned after the accident that took his parents, and by the age of 9, he was a car boosting prodigy. So who exactly taught Baby to drive, much less steal cars. Considering that Baby’s dad seemed like a shady character to begin with, there’s a chance that some family on his side, or maybe some past associates, were kind enough to take the young lad in… turning him onto a life of crime.

Baby Driver Griff making his exit

Did Griff Die? If So, How?

One of the heist members during Baby Driver’s first bank job was Jon Bernthal’s Griff, the smart ass punk who interrogates Baby about his way of life, and tells him that one day he’ll have blood on his hands. As the crew departs with their spoils, he tosses out an off-handed remark about how if the crew never sees him again, he’s probably dead. Seeing as this is an Edgar Wright film, there’s a good chance he probably is with the ghosts of heist teams past, which leaves us with two questions: how, and why? Well, there’s two good theories: either he has the same nasal problem most of Doc’s crews do, and he died of a cocaine overdose, or he ran into another job and it wasn’t as successful as one with Doc’s meticulous planning and Baby’s hell-on-wheels driving.