7 Weird Skirt Trends From The ‘00s That We All Loved

To top it off, I paired the skirt with leg warmers and butterfly sneakers. I repeat, leg warmers.  Life is built by a series of milestones — first birthday, first kiss, first job, and of course, first skirt purchase from Limited Too. I remember mine vividly — the offender was fashioned out of denim, complete with ten-year-old approved flower embroidery.

Welcome to the 2000s — a decade of questionable trends that have become the subject of countless throwback articles. From bizarre lace-up pieces to trucker hats and shutter shades (the horror, the horror), recalling the wardrobe of the past usually leaves an aftertaste of regret. But hey, better to have done it and regret it then have not done it all, right?

Skirts especially were not immune to the powers of ’00s fashion. While researching for this story, I was struck at the number of skirts have been strangely appropriated. Honestly, the amount is unsettling — just when I thought the classic skirt and leggings uniform was an eye sore enough, more and more sartorial tragedies unfolded before me. Even though, yes, skirts trends of the ’00s were embarassing, there is no denying that us millennialsRolex Replica Watchesheight: 24.36px;”> love to hate the fads of the early aughts. 

Now, presenting: the weirdest skirt trends of the ’00s that will bring back that wave of nostalgia.

1. The Skirt + Pants Combo

As much as I love Ashley Tisdale (and she still looks like an absolute doll), skirts and pants together are truly mystifying. At least the all white color scheme is somewhat flattering — but still, when did this layering action became such a trend in the early ’00s?

2. The Skirt + Jeans Combo

WHY? Why? Perhaps in the year 2003 skirts and jeans seemed like the dream team, but I am genuinely wondering what the purpose of this combo is. Is this the type of ensemble you wear when you have to dress for both a ninety-degree summer and a fifty-degree winter? Please, someone enlighten me.

3. The Mini Skirt

Tube tops and mini skirts — the OG clubwear of the ’00s. Also a convenient way to finally showcase that sculpted summer bod you have been working so hard on.

4. The Asymmetrical Skirt

For some reason, I have always associated asymmetrical skirts with platform flip-flops — perhaps because that is the one defining outfit that girls everywhere sported in the ’00s — celebrities included. Something about the skirt’s irregular cut just irks me today — give me a structured A-line skirt over the asymmetrical any day.

5. The Bedazzled Skirt

This is a product of the Bedazzler gone wrong. I love me a good denim skirt, but when it’s decked out in flashy jewels? Not exactly my style.

6. The Pleated Skirt

Tennis skirts are chic on the courts, but on the streets? Something about its extremely short cut and athletic vibes made seem out of place when worn for everyday purposes.

7. The Peasant Skirt

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The number one way to do bohemian dressing in the ’00s was all the in relaxed, breezy peasant skirt. Comfort and style? Nailed it.

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