72 brand-new emojis have been revealed

Man on his phone in the pub

He’s excited because there’s finally an avocado emoji

How would we express that the passive-aggressive comment we just sent our other half was “only a joke” if it weren’t for the crying-laughing face? Let’s face it, emojis have basically become part of our everyday language.

How would we truly say how much we loved our night out with our BFFs if we couldn’t put a heart-eyes emoji?

But there are some things that the emoji world has been lacking – and we’ve been waiting a long time for them.

Finally there could be some good news as Unicode Consortium , the official body responsible for setting a standard of characters across the computing industry, has released a list of 72 new emojis to be included in their update later this month.

And it’s everything we hoped for and more.

New emojis

Which ones will you be using?


The shrug, the facepalm, the ‘feeling sick’ face (because who really wears a face mask when they want to throw up?) and the ‘fingers crossed’ emoji are all pictured in the list of designs made by emojipedia, who have envisaged how they’ll look.

Love to fist bump your pals? There’ll be an emoji for that. And if you’re celebrating, there are some clinking champagne glasses.

They’ve also added a MALE version of the Saturday Night Fever dancer, to join his female counterpart.

New emojis

Facepalm, shrug or fingers crossed?

What would you like to see in emoji form? Have your say in the comments below.

If you love avocado, now you can express you’re a fan in emoji form. It’s only a matter of time before they introduce a ‘smashed avocado’ emoji.

Feeling a bit emo? There’s even a BLACK heart to send to your bae.

So, what happens now? The Unicode Consortium are releasing these emojis in their June update, but they won’t be hitting anyone’s phones until fonts are released that include these emojis on iOS, Android, OS X and Windows operating systems.

Fingers crossed they’ll be coming to our screens soon… If only we had that fingers crossed emoji ready to use.

For a full list of the new emojis, check out the Unicode Consortium website.

Are emojis SEXIST?

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