8 Weird Hair Tools Celeb Stylists Swear Via For Styling Hair Better

These hair tools that are favored by celebrity stylists, however, are sure bets because they’ve already been used on some of the best-looking heads of hair in Hollywood (and have been a major success). I don’t know about you, but those kind of results are definitely good enough for me.

So, if you’ve never heard of the 3D bomb circle brush used by many hair professionals — you’ll need to snag one for yourself ASAP. It looks like a blowfish, but it has a genius design that allows air to flow through it resulting in faster drying times, more bouncy curls, and easier hair styling angles. Or if you’ve been wanting to try a hooded dryer attachment but didn’t quite believe the hype behind it — it’s time to check it out, as a celebrity stylist swears by it to give you salon drying results. Read on for the weird hair tools that make up the only glam squad you’ll ever need.

After watching Gigi Hadid’s Snapchat stories where she has a team of hair stylists perfecting her ‘do, I can’t help but wish I had a posse of hair professionals to help me style my hair. (Hey, a girl can dream!) But, with these weird hair tools that celebrity stylists swear by, you can achieve supermodel-status hair without the professional hair squad.
While there are a lot of strange or uncommon hair tools for sale that promise great results, I can sometimes be hesitant to take them for a whirl.

Interchangeable Curling Wand Kit With Four Different Barrels For Customizable Curls

Ckeyin Interchangeable Hair Curler Kit, $31, Amazon

This quick-to-heat curling wand kit comes with four different ceramic barrels in a variety of shapes and sizes. That kind of versatility is recommended by NYC stylist Matt Fugate, who told Refinery29, “If you don’t want to buy nine curling irons, [use] interchangeable irons of different sizes that attach to the same handle.” A clip-less wand is crucial for achieving “those loose, tousled waves,” Fugate said, and this particular gadget checks all the boxes. Its ceramic tourmaline barrels make sure curls stay smooth and frizz-free, and that quality, plus the four different heads mean you’re ready to style whatever hair you wake up with.

Hooded Hair Dryer Attachment For Salon Results At Home

Hair Flair New and Improved Deluxe Softhood Bonnet Hair Dryer Attachment, $20, Amazon

Jeanie Syfu, TRESemme Celebrity Stylist, told Marie Claire she sets curls or hair masks by attaching a soft-hood dryer attachment to the nozzle of her blow dryer. This deluxe softhood dryer brings the salon results to your bathroom— without the commitment of buying an actual professional dryer. It’s a fast and easy way to dry your hair, lock in a conditioning treatment or secure your bouncy curls for all-day style. Plus, it has a drawstring that can secure the hood around rollers. One user gave this attachment top ratings, saying, “I think it’s super awesome, simply because of the convenience! Who the hell has space in the house to have a hooded dryer?!” Truth.

Compact Teasing Brush With Nylon & Boar Bristles


Spornette Little Wonder Boar-Nylon Bristle Teasing Brush, $4, Amazon

Teasing brushes can seem a little ”80s hair band,’ but a nylon and boar bristle teasing brush is a favorite of Kate Hudson and Olivia Wilde’s stylist, Owen Gould, who told Coveteur, “I love my teasing combs. They help me with clean partings and for volume they can’t be beat.” The nylon bristles on this brush work through all hair textures, while emitting negative ions to keep your hair moisturized and conditioned. Plus, adjacent rows of pure boar bristle easily pick up hair, while you can use the long tail handle for picking up hair sections. Giving your hair some body has never been so easy.

A Fast-Drying Blowdryer With A Cuticle-Sealing Nozzle Attachment

Allure 2200W Professional Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer, $20, Amazon

Choosing a quality blow dryer that keeps hair smooth and cuts drying time in half is vital to making your beauty routine way less stressful and way better for your hair’s overall health. This lightweight dryer uses ionic ceramic technology to give you frizz-free hair with tons of volume and shine. Plus, it has a concentration nozzle that smooths and seals your hair’s cuticle. Having an awesome nozzle attachment is a must for LA-based hairstylist Riawna Capri, who told Refinery29, “A nozzle helps direct the air flow in a more precise, contained direction versus air blowing everywhere and creating frizz.”

3D Bomb Circle Brush For Better Curls & Easier Styling

Hair Tamer Pink-Black Bomb Curl Brush, $13, Amazon

This 3D bomb circle brush may look ridiculous but the design totally makes sense — it  allows air to flow through while you blow dry, which results in better, more defined body. It shape lets you style your hair from any angle, making getting the look you want pretty easy. NYC hairstylist Ryan Trygstad recommended this hair tool to Allure to get rounder, fuller curls. With less drying or styling time, you’ll be less stressed over your beauty routine and your hair will also be less stressed from heat damage.

Brush-Saving Hair Brush Cleaner Tool To Protect & Clean Your Best Brushes

Denman Hair Brush Cleaner, $5, Amazon


Celebrity hairstylist Matt Fugate told Refinery29 that this tool will essentially save your hairbrush. “If you’re using a regular comb…to clean your pricey hair brush, you’re compromising the strength of the nylon that’s used in it and tearing up the boar-hair bristles,” he said. This compact brush cleaner tool has brush ends to remove dust and fluff from your favorite brushes, and it also has a pointed end to rake out any loose hair.

Stylist-Recommended Brush For Added Shine & Ultimate Hair Strength

Mason Pearson Detangling Comb, $34, Amazon 

Allison Friedman, a senior stylist at Warren Tricomi Salon in New Jersey, told Byrdie how much she loves this brand of brushes, saying, “Mason Pearson brushes are expensive, but they’re worth every penny. There are different kinds for different hair types, but the bristles are so good for blow-drying out your hair silky smooth and keeping it super healthy!” If you’re set on brushes but are ready for a comb upgrade, this particular round-toothed detangling comb from the same hair tool line makes styling significantly easier. Its smooth, tapered edge of the comb glides right through hair without pulling or tugging, which can cause major pain and breakage. One user even said, “It works just as well for detangling my wet hair as it does for smoothing my dry hair.”

Swap Your Tinted Dry Shampoo For A More Precise Brush-On Root Concealer

Dexe Root Touch Up, $20, Amazon

Brushing a powder on your roots sounds strange at first, but this brush-on root concealer powder for girls with dark hair is great for quick fixes between visits to your colorist. Victoria Hunter, go-to colorist for runway shows, told InStyle that she recommends using hair powders to cover up roots. This palette lets you be precise about your application — hiding any fading roots without spraying product where you don’t need it. Plus, it’ll last from the time you brush it on until you wash your hair.

…Or For Light Hair — Professional Mineral Powder For Easy Blending

Color Wow Root Cover Up, $35, Amazon

Apply this light shade of root-concealing mineral powder to your roots with the small end of the brush to hide regrowth instantly. This powder is also sweat and water-resistant, so it won’t let up until you shampoo it out. The pigment is available in seven different shades, and it even snagged a ‘Best of Beauty’ award from Allure in 2015.

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