9 Real Women Share Their Greatest Hair Secrets

We all have that one friend with enviably good hair. Odds are, you’ve asked said good-haired friend to share their sacred hair secrets, only to find that the very methods that make their mane look magical make your own look lank and… well, not you. Sure, it’s frustrating, but we’ve all developed our own personalized haircare hacks that work for our hair. It’s just the way of the world. 

Because whether your hair is thin or thick, coarse or fine, oily or dry, we’re all on a constant quest to make our manes do what we want them to. (This includes your follically blessed friend with the tumbling waves that shine like silk charmeuse). The fact of the matter is that there’s a wide spectrum of hair types that exist out there, so naturally, the same methods won’t work for everyone. But there are definitely a few tried and true methods that will improve your overall hair health without fail. Just to name a few: using a deep conditioner, sleeping on silk pillowcases, switching up shampoos, and using a hair mask.

We’ve teamed up with HASK to cull a variety of tips to keep your hair healthy, happy, and gorgeous from actual human women all over the hair spectrum. 

Allison, 26

“I have fine hair, but there’s a lot of it. At a haircut recently, I was complaining to my stylist about how dull and greasy my hair had gotten. She had a hunch that my shampoo and conditioner were to blame, so she washed my hair with a clarifying shampoo before using her normal salon products. I can’t get over how much this helped with shine and oil! Needless to say, I’m switching my normal products and adding in a clarifying shampoo to my routine ASAP.”

Diana, 27

“My hair is thick, somewhere between wavy and curly, and seriously dry and damaged because of this vicious cycle: I shower at night, sleep on my wet hair, and wake up with an uncontrollable mass of bedhead, and attack my hair with a flat iron until I have somewhat-manageable waves.

“Short of finding a new routine or breaking some bad habits (not gonna happen), I do try and be nice to my hair in a couple other ways. I only shampoo once or twice a week (though conditioning and rinsing is fine), and I use a HASK Keratin Protein deep conditioning hair mask weekly to repair that self-inflicted damage. It makes me feel like a person who actually knows what they’re doing with their hair.”

M.J., 26

“My hair can be pretty tough due to it having a medium course texture — but I’ve learned to treat it well (aka, to work with it, not against it). I’m biracial — specifically asian and black — and the best tip I’ve found to dealing with the mixed texture of my hair is that it’s quality over quantity when it comes to product. When I plan on blow-drying my hair, I use a conditioning mask. When I leave it natural and curly, I take that as an opportunity to condition — leaving in masks or conditioners all day, and I’ll touch up with some sort of hair oil — usually Moroccan! “

T.K., 26

“I have thick hair that is super susceptible to frizz, so I used to avoid brushing it all costs. Then once while I was at the salon, my stylist told me my scalp was extra flaky and called me out on my bad habit, telling me that brushing your hair is completely necessary to exfoliate my scalp. I started brushing my hair before getting in the shower, which gives me the exfoliating benefits of brushing without worrying about getting frizzy after. Simple, but totally a life-changing concept.”

Andra, 30

A post shared by Andra (@andradoesitherself) on Feb 23, 2016 at 4:51pm PST

“I have long, dark, thick hair, and because I blow dry it every day, it gets dry and dull over time. So once a month I use a hair mask in the shower. (You use after shampoo and let it sit for 5 minutes or so before washing it out). Afterwards, my hair feels so soft and looks instantly healthier. “

Arielle, 27

“I have very fine, fragile hair, so I try not to wash it every day. On top of that, it’s also very thin, so if I go even a day without washing it’s grease city. To get through day two, I use a dry shampoo, give myself a little wave with my curling iron and a tease for extra volume, and add a little bit of texturizing spray. Presto! Suddenly my hair looks even better than day one.”

Elly, 23

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“I sleep on a silk pillowcase — it’s my go-to secret to waking up with that perfectly disheveled bedhead. Also, when I’m trying to revive tired 4 p.m. hair, I spritz in a little texturizing spray at the roots. Then, I gently massage them upward — starting down by my ears and pushing up, instead of pushing hair around the crown of my head, which can actually deflate my hair’s volume.”

Lierin, 25

“I have thick, wavy, and kind of wiry hair, and I used to straighten and curl it all the time — I used every heating tools known to man. But eventually I noticed my normally vibrant hair was looking ultra dull and wasn’t growing, so I decided to quit using heat and embraced my natural texture. Since then, my hair has never been healthier and more voluminous, and I’m finally getting a little more length!”

Jenna, 27

“I have thick hair, and a lot of it, so I always always clip my hair up in the shower after I put in conditioner. That way it can sit for five-ish minutes while I wash my body, etc. and won’t get on my back (conditioner can clog your pores!)”

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