9 Times The O.C.’s Seth Cohen Really Made You Question His Nerdiness

Adam Brody, <em>The O.C.</em>

Adam Brody, The O.C.

In the world of The O.C., the mid-2000s teen soap set in the affluent world of Southern California, Seth was repeatedly described as being a nerd or a geek. He loved comic books before Marvel took over the universe, he listened to indie music before it was cool, and he maybe spent a little too much time talking to a plastic horse. In that regard, and at the time, the label almost fit.

There are a lot of things about TV that don’t add up: the size of the Friends apartment, any and all depictions of college dorm rooms, and the idea that The O.C.‘s Seth Cohen (Adam Brody) was somehow a loser without friends prior to the arrival of Ben McKenzie’s brooding heartthrob Ryan Atwood.

But this being TV, and Brody being both charismatic and really, really good-looking, the idea that anyone would take one look at Seth and write him off as a friendless nerd is borderline crazy, despite the things the character did to usher in the age of the nerds. And we have proof.

Here are just a few of the times we couldn’t believe anyone ever thought this guy was a lonely, geeky loser.

9. When he knew he was destined to be with Summer by what she ate.

Never question the power of a burrito.


8. When he kicked butt… at shuffleboard.

Shuffleboard is kind of like sports, right? And hey, he had friends. They just happened to be a little older.

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7. When he tried to take care of Alex when she was hung over.

If a guy wants to fix you food, let him.


6. When he knew he had to let Summer go.

And they lived happily ever after.


5. When he had really great bad jokes.

Seth was actually a master of wit and charm.


4. The first time he had sex.

This feels self-explanatory.

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3. The Spider-Man kiss

Yes, it’s a reenactment of the kiss from Spider-Man — it’s incredibly nerdy! but just stare at it for a minute and you’ll get it.


2. When he stood up for himself.

Standing up for better treatment is never uncool.



1. When he wouldn’t let Summer off the hook.</br

There’s nothing sexier than a guy who knows what he wants.