A Jessie James Decker X Alexa Persico Cosmetics Collaboration Is Coming

Jessie James Decker teased a makeup collaboration onsocial media, and I am freaking out. Honestly, you should be, too! Y’all — I have got some exciting news. Well, actually, acertain singer/fashion designer is actually the one with the major news, I’mjust relaying the message.

Not only is JJD a powerhouse vocalist, but she’s also greatat designing sexy, easy to wear pieces (and I’m talking everything fromoveralls to swimwear, here). Now, she can even add makeup maven to herever-expanding resume. No details have been released about what thecollaboration will entail as of yet, but the brand has confirmed that a JJD X AlexaPersico Cosmetics collab is on the horizon.

A rep from the brand says they have been working with Deckerfor over a year, so whatever they’re planning is sure to be nothing short ofamazing. Decker did announce a while back that she’d be creating a signaturelipstick and lip liner, so maybe that’s what’s finally going to be coming ourway soon. Even better, what if it’s an entire makeup line? Your guess is asgood as mine when it comes to what Decker’s got in store for us, but whateverit is — I’m more than ready for it.

Can you guess what’s coming? ?

A photo posted by Jessie James Decker (@jessiejamesdecker) on Jun 17, 2016 at 12:54pm PDT

I’d seriously love to slick a JJD-designed lipstick on my pout.

She’s great at glitz and glamour.

But, she also does laid-back better than anyone.

She can easily transition from the red carpet…

To the baseball field. And I’m sure her makeup products will reflect that.

Whether you dress this makeup up or dress them down, you’re sure to look incredible!