Absolutely stunning: Horror It Girl Anya Taylor-Joy Overcomes Her Fear of Fashion

You can say Anya Taylor-Joy is a modern screaming queen, broke into the film this year’s Witch, Morgan and the upcoming m Knight. Shamalam separated. In addition to Netflix’s Barack Obama biography, Barry, Taylor-Joy, the first three movies established her as a new girl’s horror film.

Especially the witch, is the 2015 horror movie list of the Sundance Film Festival breaking, scared of $ 40 million at the box office, when the “Rolling Stones” and Vultures released in February of this year. The film, about a Puritan family threatened by witchcraft, won the nominee’s critics’ Choice Award and the Independent Spirit Award as well as the Taylor-Joy Gotham Breakthrough Award for the actor in the 20-year-old actress Gucci dress designed by Alessandra Drow Michel shocked.

“He made me love fashion,” Taylor-Joy said of the designer. Her charming looks on the red carpet – a lot of the first layers come a far cry from the mud and blood she usually covers on the screen.

Despite her background as a ballerina, the actress says she is a “real bogus” grown up. “I am usually full of mud, like riding a motorcycle,” Taylor-Joy revealed. “I really think it’s a work of art, and if Frida Carlo would wear it, I would normally wear it.”
Taylor-Joy’s next film, Split, sees the actress starring opposite James McAvoy, who plays a man with 23 different personalities who abducts three girls, including Taylor-Joy’s character. “I was amazed how it really kept you on the edge of your seat,” she says of the film, which premiered at the Fantastic Fest in September and is scheduled to hit theaters on Jan. 20. “Obviously, when you’re acting in it, you don’t see the finished product. So actually seeing it, you get to meet your character for the first time and you get to understand what you’ve made communally.”

“I’m excited to see the rest of the movies I’ve been shooting, to be honest,” Taylor-Joy adds, referring to Marrowbone and Thoroughbred, co-starring the late Anton Yelchin, both of which are slated for 2017.

But there is one catch: “I will always hate my face,” she reveals, admitting it’s an issue she has to get over in order to watch herself on screen. “I love to act, so I try to separate those things.”

While she only has a handful of films to her name, Taylor-Joy reacts to her own vanities like a seasoned pro. “In my opinion, you have made a movie with a whole bunch of people and it’s not just about you. You’ve got to support your family. You’ve got to support your career.”

And when she looks back on the year, it’s those friends Taylor-Joy has made on set that mean the most to her. “They have stuck by me through everything,” she says. “The year goes by and we’re still as tight.”

“It’s really difficult to make a family and then leave a family,” Taylor-Joy continues. “But when you know that you have made a family that you keep around forever, I feel proud.”