Alex Jones Threatens to Spoil Megyn Kelly’s NBC Interview By Releasing it Early

You play with fire, you’re gonna get burned. You tangle with a snake, you gonna get bit. Etc. etc. etc.

One of television’s most controversial interviews with one of the world’s most controversial people may be spoiled by the subject himself. Alex Jones, he of the “Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax” claim and other fairy tales, says he will release his much-hyped interview with Megyn Kelly, which is supposed to air this Sunday on Kelly’s third episode of her new show Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly.

Jones apparently recorded the conversation with Kelly, and released some audio of their interview to prove it. He says the interview aims to paint him in a bad light, and by releasing the entire interview the truth will come out.

The interview drew lots of ire and raised issues of the responsibility of media in dealing with potentially destructive personas as soon as it was announced. On one side, many argue that putting Jones on the air disrespects the victims of Sandy Hook and 9/11 — Jones claims the attack on the Twin Towers was an inside job — and that airing his views can normalize them. On the other side, many claim that Jones is an important figure to bring to light and understand in the war against fake news and conspiracy theories.

Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly will air this Sunday at 7/6c on NBC.