Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Glow Kits Expand Larger ABH Family, Some Products Are Not Longer Limited Edition

Anastasia Beverly Hills glow kits are expanding the larger ABH family and some products are no longer limited edition.

The Glow Kits have been on basically everyone’s minds recently thanks to the incredible surge in highlighting. From the nontouring technique to strobing, highlighters are all the rage, and the ABH Glow Kits provide an incredible range of shimmering hues for a gorgeously wide variety of skin tones. With such success it’s obvious they’d keep some of them around, but which ones?

The Moonchild and Sun Dipped Glow Kits are now going to be the only Glow Kits that aren’t limited edition. According to popular Instagram account TrendMood, these two stunning kits are the surviving members of a group of highlighters that have been fan favorites for some time. While Sweets or That Glow may be your favorite, you can always snag Sun Dipped or Moon Child.

The stunning pastels of Moon Child and the bronze glow of Sun Dipped are actually the best representation of the brand’s glow. You can get everything from pastels to bronzes thanks to scope of these two kits.

If you’re been wanting to snag a Glow Kit, then no worries because Moon Child and Sun Dipped are no longer limited edition. You can get that stunning glow any time you want