Anki Supertrucks expansion makes you race robot big rigs using your smartphone

Anki Supertrucks

Put pedal to the metal in Anki

Today Anki announced the addition of “Supertrucks” to its game. These articulated monster trucks add new elements of gameplay both on-screen and on the carpet. Anki is the robot car racing video game controlled with a smartphone but played on the living room floor with real toy cars. It’s a bit like Scalextric for the smartphone generation.

The trucks, which will cost £59.99 when they launch on the 3rd October, justify their price tag with new game modes, weapons and AI commanders.

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Being bigger than the robot cars in the Anki Overdrive starter pack, they can muscle their way into the lead. But they are also slower to get up to speed so players need to use new tactics in the races.

Along with adding them into the existing game modes (King of the Hill, Battle and Time Trial) the trucks really come to life in their new special mode: Truck Takeover.

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In this mode, players battle to shoot the trucks in their cars. Takedown the truck and you can take control of the big rig. Use it to shoot your car opponents and you score points to win.

For any family that already has Anki Overdrive, the addition of trucks opens up fresh ways to play the game and will no doubt garner more interest from children.

There are two trucks available to begin with, Freewheel and X52. They each come with their own special upgrades and weapons and unlock the Takeover mode in the game.

One challenge for Anki Supertrucks is to ensure that the trucks and cars are evenly balanced. There’s a lot of fun using the trucks to bash the cars of the truck but the game still needs to be competitive.

Happily then, playing the game at the reveal event it seemed that things were quite even. The cars and trucks each won different races. Anki say they are still tweaking things before the October launch.

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