Apple’s Siri gives a hand to save baby girl’s life after she stops breathing and turns blue in her cot

iPhone's Siri helps to save life of baby girl

When Stacey Gleeson from Cairns, Australia, went to check on her one-year-old daughter Giana and discovered she wasn’t breathing, she was distraught. It’s every mother’s nightmare – waking up in the middle of the night to find your baby blue and lifeless in their cot.

However, Giana’s life was saved thanks to Stacey’s quick thinking and the help of an unlikely hero – Apple’s Siri, the voice-activated personal assistant for iPhone.

Stacey woke at 5am to hear Giana wheezing through the video monitor. Ten minutes later, she shecked the monitor again to see Giana sitting upright, slumped over and very still.

Siri saves baby's life

Stacy with Giana in hospital

“I immediately jumped up and (without realising) grabbed my phone,” she told Mirror Online. “As I ran into Giana’s room, I reached out to turn on the light and, as I did, I dropped my phone.

“Thinking back to that morning, I guess the shock of seeing her blue and lifeless in her cot shocked me so much that I immediately dropped my phone and ran to her to pull her out.”

Stacey picked Giana up out of her cot and sat down with her on the floor and checked her airways.

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Siri saves baby's life

Baby Giana

It was then that she remembered her phone’s voice activation function. “Hey Siri, call the ambulance,” she called out, prompting her mobile to automatically dial for help from across the room.

Before she knew it, an ambulance was at the house and Giana was breathing again. The few seconds of time saved by using Siri could have been enough to save her life.

Now Stacey is encouraging others to activate Siri on their phones for use in times of emergency, as well as for more mundane activities like opening music and sending text messages.

"Siri", voice-activated assistant technology, on an Apple iPhone

“Siri”, voice-activated assistant technology, on an Apple iPhone

Apple is expected to announce updates to Siri at its Worldwide Developers Conference next week – including the ability to integrate the voice assistant into smart home appliances.

“I have now learned a vital lesson regarding how technology is able to help us in the most critical of situations and I feel it can certainly only benefit people by incorporating similar features into other household devices,” said Stacey.

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