UFO hunters find GLOWING light formation hidden in crater on Red Planet

Secure Team
Glowing light formation in Mars crater

The bombshell images show lights on Mars for the first time ever, according to Secure Team

“We have found various domed structures across the Martian surface, we have found monoliths, these large rectangular objects towering across the surface casting shadows. “This could be a craft of some sort, this could be objects down in the crater lit from within, it’s obviously impossible to tell.

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“We have found areas of Mars that contain these massive elongated shadows being cast on the surface from whatever massive cigar-shaped object was above it but we have not found lights.”

Secure Team
Glowing light formation in Mars crater
Conspiracists have claimed the bizarre illuminations (ringed here) could be an alien craft

The video, which has racked up thousands of views, also revealed “domes” on the dark side of the moon with mystery L-shaped structures on the inside rims.

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Tyler explains that while at first glance the object looks like a crater, upon zooming in it becomes clear that in fact there is another circular mass hidden inside.

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Another hole featured hides a “triangular-shaped object” while he claims a dome has been covered up with “moon dust” or some sort of space “camouflage”.

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