Are Kendall Jenner’s Glasses Real? These Retro Frames Could Be Nonprescription

Are Kendall Jenner’s retro glassesreal, as in prescription? Whether she actually needs to wear this eyewear or no, I don’t mind herrocking them one bit. When it comes to sporting a pair of frames, nobody does itquite like this girl. She may only wear glasses from time to time, but shelooks amazing each and every time she does.

She’s been seen wearing glasses on occasion, but notfrequently enough to say she definitely needs them in order to see. Of course, she couldbe wearing contacts the majority of the time. She did post about wearingnon-prescription frames on her website once, but back in 2011 she tweeted aboutneeding to wear glasses. Has her eyesight improved since then? Is her visiononly slightly impaired? You know, like, not bad enough to warrant wearingthem full time? When it comes to this girl and her need for spectacles, thewhole thing is kind of a mystery.

The one thing I do know for sure, however, is that she candefinitely pull these off. She’s had a thing for vintage eyewear lately, and Iwouldn’t be surprised if she brought this ‘70s style back in. What’s old is newagain in 2016, after all.

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A photo posted by Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner) on Jun 15, 2016 at 11:32am PDT

If Jenner had been apart of the cast of That ’70s Show this is what her character would have worn. But, they’re still pretty cool in 2016, too.

1. Gunmetal Frames

SEE 2228, $359, SEE Eyewear

These are basically the silver version of Jenner’s.

2. Black & Gold

SEE 8125, $359, SEE Eyewear

Large, square frames like these are going to be so trendy if Jenner has anything to do with it.

3.  Aviator Glasses

Aviator Glasses With Clear Lens, $13, ASOS

You’ll be looking Kenny-status cool in this pair of frames.

4. Black Frames

Armani Exchange AX1008, $96,

You can’t go wrong with a super sleek pair of black glasses, no matter how retro they may be.

5. Gold Glasses

grinderPUNCH New Non-Prescription Premium Aviator Glasses, $9.36, Amazon

Be just like Jenner in these non-prescription frames.

6. Super Retro Frames

Reclaimed Vintage Frames, $33, ASOS

These reclaimed frames are actually from the past, so you can be even more retro with your style.

When it comes to throwback eyewear, Jenner really knows what she’s doing. So, it’s definitely worth taking a style cue from her when selecting which pair of glasses to wear.

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