Are Selena Gomez’s New Bangs Real?

You see, this isn’t the first time that Gomez has rockedsome fringe. For example, she had blunt bangs in her “Hands To Myself” music video, butthat was a wig. So, there’s definitely potential for these to be a set ofclip-on bangs. But then again, she’s proving to be pretty daring with her ‘dothis season. She did just go a lot lighter for summer, which makes me thinkthat trying out some bangs isn’t too far outside of the realm of possibilities forthis gal.

Brown, bronde, bangs, no bangs — there’s nothing this girlcan’t do. As part of her continuing Revivaltour makeovers, this singer just revealed new bangs. But, is Selena Gomez’sbanged hairdo real? Only time will tell, but neither option would surprise me.

Can I just say, if they are temporary, she should mostdefinitely consider making this a full-time thing. Because I mean, she looksgood, like, really good with bangs.The nice thing about these is that they aren’t thick and straight across herforehead. Instead, they’re light and wispy, which only completes theperfect-for-summertime hair she’s got going on right now. Just see foryourself! Check out Gomez with her fresh bangs and tell me you’re notabsolutely obsessed with her look.

Clearly, subtle fringe makes for the ultimate carefree look.

But, a thick set of bangs are incredible on her, too.

Side-swept bangs are not out of her repertoire.

These side bangs were great, but I love them straight across her forehead even more.

Maybe she’s channeling her younger self and going for a full set of bangs again.

Like I said, only time will tell if these bangs are here to stay, but I certainly hope that they are! Those bronde bangs are perfect for the season, and IMO, she’s never looked better.

No, thank you for the major summertime hair goals!

Image: Giphy (1)