Ariana Grande Dyes Her Hair Blonde (Ish) For Summer, Mixes Up Her Signature Look

Why not mix a little brown with a littleblonde? She certainly doesn’t mind if she does! ‘Tis the season for lighter hair, and people have beenembracing that notion left and right. First, Selena Gomez jumped on the brondebandwagon and now Ariana Grande just dyed her hair blonde-ish because who saysyou can’t have it all in terms of hair color?

Blondes supposedly have all of the fun, but I’d say amixture of dark and light is the way to go in terms of hair color. One overallhue is just a little too one dimensional, you know what I mean? The singer isn’tnew to the ombre kind of hairstyle, but the tips of her hair are way lighternow than they used to be. She debuted the new ‘do on Snapchat, according toGlamour magazine.

Grande’s not known for mixing up her hairstyle often. Imean, have you ever seen her without that half up half down pony? Rarely. But, I’m loving her icy blondemakeover. It’s the perfect time of year to try out a blonde hue, and now thatshe’s feeling a bit more daring, she’s proving that there’s no hair color shecan’t do! Go on and let those blonde ends shine, you dangerous woman, you!

Lighter and brighter is the name of the game this season.

Typically, she is not to be seen without a high updo.

She’s gorgeous with darker colored locks.

Especially when she lets them hang down.

But man, does she pull off the two-toned thing well or what?

I, for one, am glad those super light tips are back in action, just in time for some fun in the sun.

Looking good, girl!

Image: Giphy (1)