Beauty and the Beast Reveals a Final Big Bad with Deep Pockets actually

Jay Ryan, <em>Beauty and the Beast</em>

Thursday’s season premiere revealed that a mysterious big bad is after beasts, but he doesn’t want to use Vincent as a weapon or to steal his super-strength. He wants our hero as a trophy — and he’s willing to pay a lot to get him. We don’t know who the mysterious benefactor is, but we know he’s offering $5 million for anyone to bring him Vincent on a silver platter — which means whomever the new villain is has some very deep pockets. The honeymoon is over on Beauty and the Beast and Vincent (Jay Ryan) is under attack once again.

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Why is having a beast trophy so important to this shadowy hunter anyway? Besides big claws and changing eye colors, a beast doesn’t look that different from a normal human so it’s not like he’s going to make an attractive centerpiece for your living room.

The “hunter” isn’t even coming after Vincent himself — he’s hiring top-level assassins to do the dirty work for him, which means he isn’t in it for the kill either. Clearly he knows and covets something about beasts that we haven’t discovered yet and an enemy you don’t understand is the scariest type to have.

What’s worse is that this new threat not only ruined Vincent and Cat’s (Kristen Kreuk) honeymoon, but he’s the latest source of tension in their relationship. The beloved couple was only able to make it down the aisle when they thought that beast life was behind them, but this new threat has put them in the crosshairs of danger all over again. Vincent is taking all of it in stride, but Cat is already struggling with the idea that there’s a potentially endless stream of professional killers coming for them.

Do you think Cat and Vincent can survive the new foe in their last season?

Beauty and the Beast continues Thursdays at 9/8c on the CW.

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