Beyonce’s Black Lipstick At The 2016 BET Awards Will Inspire You

Keeping it bare except for a dark slick of black lipstick, Queen Bey’s stage look should inspire you to take on the goth look head-on if you haven’t already.

As far as award show openers go, Beyoncé absolutely slayed in her rendition of “Freedom” alongside Kendrick Lamar. In Beyoncé’s surprise 2016 BET Awards performance, she came marching onto a flooded stage wearing a savage bodysuit with a show-stopping amount of fringe, but what really brought the look together was her makeup.

While the vampy beauty look has been in vogue for months now, most have been only willing to dabble in the dark Merlot hues and cherry black shades when it comes to lipstick. Sure, Kylie Jenner and her Lip Kits made the Craft-inspired look a little less “subversive outsider” and more “everyday chic,” but it is still considered a daring beauty move.

Rolex ReplicaBut watching Beyoncé on that BET Award stage could give those at home who have a shy hand with makeup some courage. The trick with her inky look is that she kept it simple and to a minimum. Her skin was dewy, her eyes were sans eyeliner and bare, and the lipstick shade was matte. While it might still be a bold color choice, it doesn’t feel overwhelming.


Riding on the high that is watching Queen Bey perform, use her as this week’s beauty inspiration and scrounge up the courage to try out the black lipstick trend. When you go sans-makeup except for the lips, the look won’t feel like too much of a statement. Remember, Bey believes in you.