Take a Tour of the New House – Big Brother 18

Host Julie Chen took us around the revamped abode, which boasts a summer vacation/travel theme this year, perhaps taking a page from The Amazing Race? Each room represents a vacation destination. There’s the African safari room, the demure London bedroom, the funky Japanese anime chamber and a beautiful faux mountainside in the backyard. See, it’s just like you’re in the Rockies!

Big Brother 18 is a week away, but first… we got a tour of the new house!
Big Brother 18
: Snap judgments on the new houseguests

Check out the full house in the video above and see which one is Julie’s favorite room.

Big Brother 18 premieres Wednesday, June 22 with a two-hour episode at 8/7c and continues Thursday, June 23 with a one-hour episode at 9/8c on CBS.

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Julie Chen, Big Brother 18Julie Chen, Big Brother 18