The 16 Most Ridiculous Things Jozea Said – Big Brother 18

Julie Chen, Big Brother 18


Julie Chen Gives Us a Tour of the Big Brother 18 House

Sadly, it all came to an end Thursday with Jozea’s eviction, but there might be more ahead if he wins the Battle Back competition, which will allow him to return to the game. (And we’d be lying if we didn’t admit that there’s a tiny part of us that kind of wants to see the verbal diarrhea he’d spill if he does come back.) For now, let’s look back at all the ridiculous things he’s said in his two weeks in the house.

Jozea is the best worst player Big Brotherreplica watches uk has ever seen. “Worst” because he’s completely clueless about the game and his delusion of grandeur knows no bounds. But “best” because that delusion has given us some true gems out of a mouth that works overtime to catch up with its related ego. He’s the messiah, the glue, and the heart and the joy, didn’t ya know?

Big Brother 18 Power Rankings: Who won Week 2?

1. Where it all began: when he called himself a messiah.

2. When he expected the Power of Veto to be used on him.

3. When he was convinced he controlled the house with absolutely no evidence whatsoever.

4. When he dreamed big and aimed low.

5. When he (and Paul) thought evictions were on Sundays.

5. When he thought this was a great HOH strategy.

6. When he compared himself to Obama.

7. When he told Frank, the Road Kill winner, how he knows Paulie won Road Kill.

8. When he was positive he wasn’t getting evicted…

9. … that he wasn’t even going to pack.

10. When his thirst was real.

11. Whenever he speechified…

12. … because he’s apparently Tony Robbins.

13. When he had no idea who Zingbot is.

14. When his truth was the only scenario.

15. When he confused Big Brother goddess Rachel Reilly with Rachael Ray and invented the finale three Veto.

16. When he revealed his dream job.

Same, Frank, same.

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