The 9 Most Ridiculous Things on Week 1 – Big Brother 18

Julie Chen, Big Brother 18


Summer has officially started now that Big Brother 18 has premiered, and a lot went down on the first two episodes. Four vets returned, teams were selected, Glenn got Jodi’d, Nicole became the first Head of Household and put up the wrong pawn from the pawn shop, and the newbie dudes are the worst.

In between and during all the game talk and comps, as per yoosh, was a whole lotta insanity, inanity, a self-declared “messiah” and a new meaning to head-butt. Here are the nine most ridiculous moments of Week 1.

Big Brother 18 Power Rankings: Who won Week 1?

1. When Tiffany cried after she said she wouldn’t be as emotional as Vanessa.

2. When everyone was all up in each other’s business.

3. This is gonna be great on the feeds.

4. When Jozea basically put himself on the block.

5. Haven’t heard this one before.

6. When Tiffany declared herself a genius.

7. The moment we first realized Paul would be the worst.

8. Does Corey not have any human family or friends?

9. When Victor tried to seduce Nicole and failed.

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