The 9 Most Ridiculous Things on Week 6 – Big Brother 18

Julie Chen, Big Brother 18


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It was kind of a boring week on Big Brother 18, with Frank’s eviction all but inevitable after he lost OTEV. But it did confirm one thing: The women are way too petty and focused on showmances to have a prayer. Sigh. This is not The Bachelor, ladies. Here are the most ridiculous – and jealous-fueled — moments on Week 6.

1. When Paulie became Paul‘s mini me, aka #nightmarefuel.

2. When Nicole whined about Corey not telling her the code to the secret room.

3. But Corey thankfully had no time for her BS.

4. When Natalie had no idea that James and Da’Vonne were on last season together.

5. When Michelle revealed the root of her Bridgette hatred.

6. And didn’t even bother to deny it.

7. When Paul and his Napoleon complex tried to call Frank out and failed.

8. When Zakiyah got territorial over Paulie after Nicole — gasp! — touched his hair.

9. No comment.

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