Trusting Da’Vonne Was My Biggest Mistake – Big Brother 18’s Frank

Julie Chen, Big Brother 18


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“Honestly, trusting Da’Vonne with information [was my biggest mistake],” Frank tells via email. “I think that came back to bite me more than anything. I had a bad feeling from the beginning when she told me to make deals. Even though the information I told her wasn’t pertinent in essence, she still used it against me.”

Frank became the first veteran to be evicted from Big Brother 18 on Thursday, finishing in 12th place — a far cry from his seventh-place showing four years ago. But he knows exactly where he went wrong.

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Not helping his cause was him smacking the women on their butts, namely Day’s. He apologized to her, chalking it up to his immature sense of humor, which Day ostensibly accepted. In hindsight, Frank thinks that made him a target. “Whether she really was offended or not, she used it to her advantage either way,” he says. “I didn’t mean anything by it.”

Frank and Julie Chen, Big Brother 18Frank and Julie Chen, Big Brother 18

Nevertheless, Day would not have been his target if he had re-entered the house with the round-trip ticket from the secret room. “Like I advised Bridgette, I would have went for the jugular,” he says. “I would have put up Nicole and Da’Vonne, hope Nicole went home and get Corey back on my side. With Bridgette in my alliance, I just would have gone from there.”

Instead, Frank’s on his way home after once again falling to his nemesis OTEV.

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“I knew when I came out to the backyard that the Big Brother gods were not in my favor,” he says. “OTEV and I had our difference last time around and for whatever reason, OTEV just does not like me. But the feeling is mutual.”

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