Big Brother 18’s Jozea Saw His Eviction Coming Like the Messiah He Is

Julie Chen, Big Brother 18


Julie Chen Gives Us a Tour of the Big Brother 18 House

A legend inBreitling Replica Watches his own mind, the celebrity makeup artist/wannabe Grammys host tells that he kind of suspected his eviction Thursday — thanks to a devil-like touch from a houseguest. (You can’t make this up!)

If you thought Jozea, Big Brother 18‘s self-professed messiah, didn’t see his blindside coming, you’re wrong.

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Because of the Redemption Island Last Chance Kitchen Battle Back twist that could see him return to the game, Jozea answered our questions via email. Here’s what else he had to say — unedited, as only the messiah, the glue, and the heart and joy of the house who didn’t know who Zingbot is could deliver them.

You said multiple times on the feeds that you would lash out if you were evicted, so why were you so subdued? Did you have a feeling it was coming?
Subdued, I think not. However, at the moment of Da’Vonne touching my knee and saying, “It’s going to be alright, stop shaking,” I thought, why is she questioning the moment? It was like a cold chill, as if the devil touched you. So I thought to myself, and in my soul, said, somebody’s betrayed you and you’re about to go home.

You were not very familiar with the game. Why were you so confident you were running the house and would outplay superfans and people who’ve played the game before?
Superfans and people who’ve played the game before are polluted with strategies and different ways to play the game, but their minds can’t be freed to be think [sic] of new strategies because they’ve been a part of this amazing game that is Big Brother. I came in knowing the gist of everything and putting two and two together, and figuring it out as I go… it was the best move I could make. And quite frankly, a question like that should be obvious, but thanks for asking.

Did you ever consider that your frankness and “messiah” declarations could be off-putting to the other houseguests and make you a target?If not, why?
I mean, let’s be serious. Who wouldn’t want someone to be super honest and bold to their face rather than lie and backstab. I did not think it was off-putting because one would think that others would feel secure with someone who is so truthful and honest with them.

Since you didn’t say anything when you left, if you win Battle Back, what will be the first thing you say to everyone?
I would like to pull a Rachel [Ed. note: Unclear if he means Rachael Ray] and give everyone a piece of my mind as soon as I walk in, and let them know how great the vacation was and thank them for the ticket. Willy Wonka only has one factory, and from this moment moving forward this factory is always open, so chocolates for everyone.

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