Big Brother’s Cody Doesn’t Consider Paulie Would Repeat His Costly Move

Julie Chen, Big Brother 18


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“[Paulie] and I are like polar opposites. We look the same, sound the same, our morals are obviously the same, but Paulie would’ve never taken Derrick to the end!” Cody tells with a laugh. “He’d be like, ‘Hey bro, we’ll mend this relationship after the show. I’m going for the money.’ He would not do what I did.”

On Sunday’s Big Brother, Paulie told his lil’ bro, Season 16 runner-up Cody, to be #notworried about him getting evicted this week. If everything goes to plan and Paulie survives, Cody is also #notworried about his brother replicating his own half-million dollar blunder — when Cody took his Hitmen BFF and the season’s best player, Derrick, to the final over a floater, Victoria, and lost.

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But Cody does want Paulie to emulate his social game and befriend everyone (which Paulie has done a fairly decent job of so far, even though he’s on the block as a pawn). Then again, it also helps to be in a house with a delusional narcissist who doesn’t know anything about the game (ahem, Jozea).

“My biggest piece of advice was … just work on your social game,” Cody says. “That was the only reason I went as far as I did, because everybody trusted me. And that wasn’t because I was trying to be the master manipulator. It was just that I was friendly with everybody. Be friendly with everybody the first few weeks and then at the end of the game, when you’re in a position where you’ve built your relationships, then try to do the manipulation. Because if you don’t have good relationships, you’re going to go home the first couple weeks.”

Those suggestions apparently weren’t enough for Paulie, who also sought counsel from none other than Derrick. “I gave my advice to Paulie, and then Paulie talked to Derrick for like two hours!” Cody says. “Paulie told me everything that Derrick said and I was like, ‘Listen, that’s why he won. That’s why he won it.’ I was like, ‘Be social like I was, and then listen to everything else Derrick says.'”

Turns out Derrick pretty much told Paulie the same thing. “I just told him, ‘The first couple of weeks is a popularity contest,'” Derrick tells us. “Just know people. Learn their names, learn their likes and dislikes.” But after that, Paulie must find his ride or die.

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“You want to find one person,” Derrick says. “If there’s three people, you’re going to eventually have someone who is left out, the third wheel. So, choose one person. Figure out who that is and roll with it. Honestly, if you look at the formula, not just Hitmen, but the Renegades, Chilltown — it’s just the way it works. You find one other person, that’s a recipe for success.

“Paulie’s just as loyal as Cody,” Derrick continues. “If Paulie finds someone in the house like Cody and I had in each other, and he had a chance just like that, because he’s a Calafiore, he might take them [to the final two]. But he would be more prepared after seeing what Cody went through and maybe he’d win it all.”

And if Paulie does take home the $500,000, Cody assures there wouldn’t be any resentment.

“I talk a lot of crap, but I wouldn’t do that to him [if he finishes lower than second],” he says. “If he wins, then my brother would’ve just won $500,000. There’s no time for talk there. If I had won, I would’ve helped my brother out financially, [helped] my sister out. We’re very similar in that aspect, and I know he would do the same thing. If he wins the money, it’s beneficial for my family. We’re very tight, family-oriented. I’m rooting for him to get to the end and win. Talk as much crap as you want. You got $500,000!”

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