After he stops to fill up his windscreen fluid, BMW driver blocks police speed camera

This is the moment a motorist decided to fill up his car’s windscreen fluid – right in front of a police speed camera. A BMW driver fills up his washer fluid blocking the view of a speed camera van

The BMW driver decided to park immediately to the rear of the Hampshire Police van, accidentally blocking the vehicle’s speed camera device.

And he even opened both his boot and his bonnet doors, making it even more difficult for officers to picture speeding motorists .

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It is unclear whether the driver deliberately blocked the speed camera.

The photograph, said to have been taken in Titchfield, Hampshire, today, has now been uploaded to Facebook where it has received a mixed reaction.

Kelvin Matthews wrote: “Legend, give that bloke a medal.”

While Leon Ryder said: “What an unfortunate place to break down!”

But Matthew Ludford-King berated the driver for what he thought was a deliberate ploy, saying: “Ya know what this isn’t funny.

“I’m fed up of people who drive around thinking speed limits don’t apply to them. They’re there for a reason for God’s sake”

It isn’t the first time a driver has appeared to block a speed camera on purpose.

Last month, a photo posted on Reddit showed a Porsche parked behind another police speed camera van with its boot opened.

A resident in the area claimed the car’s owner had deliberately parked his car behind the van and then gone to the pub.