BMW’s futuristic Mini Vision Next 100 concept car can change colour and drive itself on the fly

BMW Group unveils Vision Next 100 concept Mini at the Roundhouse

BMW Group unveils Vision Next 100 concept Mini at the Roundhouse

The automaker unveiled two of these concepts – the BMW Vision Next 100 sports saloon and the autonomous Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 – earlier this year. BMW is 100 years old, and to celebrate its birthday, the automaker has designed a trio of futuristic concept cars that it thinks could define the next century of motoring.

Now BMW has added the MiniVision Next 100 into the mix, designed for use in urban areas.

BMW unveils it 'vision' cars for the future

The MiniVision Next 100 is all about mixing environmental responsibility with futuristic technology.

IWC Replica“The key feature on the MINI Next 100 is, in our view, the MINI-typical proportions,” said Anders Warming, Head of MINI Design.

“Basically it means very small footprint for urban areas that will take you into the narrowest of streets and still really get you there in style.

BMW Group unveils Vision Next 100 concept Mini at the Roundhouse

“But it also gets you there on time because the car will be in complete tune with your life, with your daily calendar and it will take you there and let you know where you need to be, when.”

With the growing popularity of UberPool and other ride-sharing services, its hardly surprising the concept focuses on car sharing.

The car features on-the-fly personalisation options and an automated taxi-style service, so it can drive itself to a destination, or pick up passengers as an autonomous vehicle or with a driver.

BMW Group unveils Vision Next 100 concept Mini at the Roundhouse

In terms of design, the future Mini makes use of recycled plastic and aluminium in the floor area, roof lining, and side-panel trim.

It is also wrapped in some form of “skin” that allows it to change colours from the default silver according to specifications from the computer, as well as detect objects close to its exterior.

BMW unveiled the Vision Next 100 earlier this year , featuring a shape-shifting interior that can switch between “Boost” and “Ease” modes.

In Boost, BMW said the entire vehicle focuses on the driver, offering the support needed to maximise the driving experience – for instance by indicating the ideal driving line, steering point and speed.

The BMW vision car

In Ease mode, the vehicle sees the interior transform: the steering wheel and centre console retract; the headrests turn to the side, and the seats and door trim merge to form a single unit so that the driver and front-seat passenger can turn towards each other.

The car also comes with a bizarre dashboard which uses 800 moving triangles to convey information to the driver.

“The triangles work in much the same way as a flock of birds in controlled flight, their coordinated movements acting as signals that are easily comprehensible to those inside the car,” BMW said.

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BMW Group unveils Vision Next 100 concept Rolls-Royce

The Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 , meanwhile, has just a single door that opens into a spacious, cream-coloured interior with plenty of wood panelling.

Instead of seats, Rolls has opted for a silk-covered couch, and there’s apparently no need for a chauffeur as the entire car is controlled by a virtual assistant called Eleanor.

Being concepts, none of BMW’s futuristic cars are expected to go on sale any time soon. The car manufacturer itself has no idea when, or even if, they will hit the market.

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