Bride’s honeymoon ruined after travelling to see famous train station cat

Paula Rowling on her wedding day

Paula Rowling travelled 300 miles to see the train station cat

Felix has become famous in her hometown of Huddersfield as the local station cat, and keeps passengers entertained as she prowls the platforms and ticket offices – she even has his own hi-vis vest and name tag. A cat-lover made a 300 mile trip while on honeymoon to see a famous train station cat – only to be turned away and told she was taking a nap.

So new bride Paula thought she was in for a real treat when she made the epic journey to visit the moggy on the last day of her honeymoon.

But when staff told her Felix was unable to mingle with the passengers because she was taking a nap, Paula was “mortified”.

Angry that the staff couldn’t seem to understand her upset, Paula said they just “didn’t seem to care”.

The Huddersfield Daily Examiner
Felix the Huddersfield Station cat
Felix is a well-known face at the station

Now she says she wouldn’t make the 300 mile round trip to try for a second meeting – and added: “If they don’t want people to come and visit the cat they shouldn’t have gone on the news.”

The famous feline even has his own following of Facebook fans – Paula included.

She told The Huddersfield Examiner : “I told them on Felix’s Facebook page I was coming, but when I got there they said they didn’t know where she was.

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“I went to the enquiries desk and they told me she was asleep. I said I’d come all this way on my honeymoon and I just wanted to see the cat. I was in tears – I was mortified.

“I said I know it’s a cat but I just wanted to see her. I had only just lost my own cat, Molly. I was distraught.

The Huddersfield Daily Examiner
Felix the Huddersfield Station cat
Felix has been named official senior pest controller at the station

“I put a post on Felix’s Facebook page saying I understand she’s a cat, but they just didn’t seem to care. It was a normal PR response, saying ‘we’re just trying to keep the trains running’.

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“Now other people may think twice about going and not be disappointed if they can’t see the cat.”

The Huddersfield Daily Examiner
Felix the Huddersfield Station cat
Felix patrols the station keeping the building pest-free

A spokesperson from TransPennine Express “We’re sorry that Paula was unable to see Felix after such a long journey. As a cat Felix does sleep a lot!

“Huddersfield is a working station, and as such our staff have a responsibility to make sure everything runs safely and smoothly, which means that they cannot always make Felix available on request.”