After postponing game’s release date, British developer of No Man’s Sky gets DEATH THREATS

Out of this world: A screenshot from an early version of No Man’s Sky

When its release date was pushed back, they wanted to get their hands on its creators instead. Gamers can’t wait to get their hands on No Man’s Sky , the highly anticipated game which allows players to explore a massive universe.

Hallo Games, the British design studio that’s developing the game, recently announced the game would now become available in August, two months later than expected.

Founder Sean Murray took to Twitter to reveal that gamers had taken the news badly, with some bombarding him with vicious threats.

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Even journalists were caught in the crossfire, with a writer from Kotaku menaced for simply writing about the change in schedule.

Jason Schreier, news editor at the games website, told his 22,000 Twitter followers than an angry man had threatened to “f*** you up”.

“Sounds like a death wish,” they continued.

“We will find you.”

No Man’s Sky is a remarkable game which allows players to explore a massive universe made up of 18 quintillion planets which are automatically generated .

“You can find things that no one has found before,” Murray said last year.

“That’s kind of unique. You can find things that even the developers don’t know about.”

Everything about a planet is generated from scratch, meaning some places will feature little more than barren plains, whilst other environments will teem with strange life forms.

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