Britney Spears’ Haircut For Summer 2016 Will Make You Hope To Get A Lob, Stat — PHOTOS

She’s switched up her look a fewtimes since then (you remember the head-shaving incident), but most recentlyshe’d been working that long, blonde hair that we all know and love. Britney Spearsjust cWatchPigut her hair for summer, though, and I’m must say I’m loving her new lob. Ever since she burst onto the scene with “…Baby One MoreTime,” she’s been known for her blonde locks.

It’s honestly hard to resist becoming apart of the long bobclub, especially this time of year. It’s just nice to have a less hair weighing you down when it’s hot out, you know? Well, Spears certainly gets the idea. Her shorter hairhits right around her collarbone and is layered. The chop couldn’t be morecarefree, making it oh-so fitting for the season.

If you weren’t convinced to go ahead and get that haircutyou’ve been contemplating, Spears’ new look is probably all of theconvincing you’ll need. Come on, be the next person to get a lob, you know youwant to! Check out Spears’ summer-ready makeover along with six other times she’ssubtly changed her hairdo. She’s never gotten too far from that originalBritney Spears style, but then again, why would she? It just works too well forher.

Cut my hair again! Now off to work!

A photo posted by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on Jun 15, 2016 at 10:18pm PDT

Fresh cut to beat the heat? I’m certainly sold on the idea.

1. Bob Cut

This isn’t the first time she’s shed some hair and gone with a shorter ‘do.

2. Dip-Dyed

She’s experimented with color a little by adding some fun pigments to the bottom of her ponytail.

3. Wavy Blunt Cut

A blunt bob styled with waves that frame her face is so pretty.

4. Short & Straight

This short cut looks incredible when its sleek and straight, too.

5. Dark Brown

I’m a fan of her blonde hair, but this deep, chocolate-y color is something she can definitely pull off.

6. Lob Cut

Spears has rocked a mid-length cut before, and it looked great. So, no wonder she decided to go for round two with this ‘do.

This latest lob cut only proves that when it comes to switching up her hair, Spears knows what’s she’s doing.