By Lilla Stacks Are Cute Hair Accessories That Insure You Never Misplace Your Hair Tie Again

I have no idea where they go. They just end up… missing and gone. Don’t pretend like you haven’t experienced this same conundrum. Like where do black hair ties go to die? Is there a black elastic hair tie graveyard that we don’t know about? Some vortex into which they are sucked? Is there this happy place where they all dance and sing about no longer having to do the job of keeping my hair pulled off my face?

Every couple of months, without fail, I have to buy a fresh pack of, like, 20 black elastic hair ties. I don’t wear my hair up often, but when I do stuff outdoors in hot weather or when I wash my face, I use these basic but necessary elastics to keep my hair out of the way. Somehow, some way, all of my black hair ties always disappear.

I don’t know. But I constantly shop them. I think I have found a solution that will prevent my hair ties from going MIA ever again, though. It’s Stacks by Lilla.

The Stacks rebel against the black elastic. Seriously. That’s one of the brand’s taglines. Instead, Stacks turn hair ties into accessories. You stack them like bracelets, which look cute, because they are designed and adorned with gold hardware, prints, gems, and more. Plus, the stacked look is so in for summer.

Wild Horses, $48, ByLilla

You will be wearing short sleeves for the foreseeable future, so you can show off your stacks. It’s the true intersection of fashion x function.

It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll, ByLilla, $48

For $48, you get a pack of eight fashionable elastics. It’s like eight bracelets at $6 a piece. They are super cute, you can wear them over and over, and if you are like me, you will take care to stash them in a jewelry box or somewhere safe after wearing them, since they are too adorbs to lose or misplace.

They are super economical in the long run, since I shell out cash for hair ties that I use just once multiple times per year.

Maggie May, ByLilla, $48

There are denim Stacks options, too. I mean could these get any cuter? There are rock ‘n’ roll looks and super feminine looks.


You can even customize your stack.

Stack ’em as high as you want. You don’t even need to use them as hair ties. But you still have that choice.

I am pounding it with my Stacks.

I mixed and matched. I felt like Wonder Woman with cuffs.

While wearing hair ties on your wrist has proven dangerous in some cases, you just have to take a little extra care and stretch out your Stacks to make sure they aren’t too tight. Also, don’t pile them too high on a wider part of your arm. Be careful that you don’t cut off circulation or that they don’t dig into your skin. So proceed with caution when you stack your Stacks.

Images: Courtesy ByLilla (5); Amy Sciarretto (2)