Can You Wear Makeup Over Bug Bites?

The itching, the burning, the raised red bumps that make you look like you have some incurable disease — yeah, no part of it is fun, but it’s a reality we all face at some point, so it’s probably best to learn how you care for them, and if you can wear makeup over bug bites without making them worse. The only thing worse than a killer sunburn in the summertime are bug bites.

For whatever reason, bugs seem to love to eat me alive. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve gone on vacation, only to find numerous bites popping up all over my body, while my family and friends remain bite-free. The frustration is so real, and as itchy and painful as they are, they’re also seriously not cute. But is is really OK to cover them with makeup? Yes — as long as the bite isn’t scratched to be open or bleeding, because that will leave it prone to infection.

So you can cover them, but how about preventing them in the first place, or treating them so they clear up ASAP? Bustle spoke to New York City-based dermatologist, Dr. Angela Lamb, to find out what we need to know about summer bug bite care, and if you are prone to bites, you might want to take some notes.

1. Cover Up

Bare skin = more risk. Even though it’s hot, if you have more clothing covering your skin, you’ll be less prone to bites. Try to wear long sleeves and pants if you’re in an area where you’re at risk for bites, Lamb recommends. 

2. Don’t Go Barefoot

I know it feels freeing to go without shoes and socks and all, but you’re making yourself a prime target. According to Lamb, mosquitoes target feet and ankles, so it’s best to wear socks and closed shoes.

3. Use A Repellant

Rose Hip Revitalizing Serum, $165,

If you aren’t going to cover up, then you need to protect in another way. Lamb advises to use a repellant on exposed skin before heading outdoors, but another option is to incorporate repellants into your skin care. This serum uses essential oils for repelling mosquitoes, so you’ll be bite-free while you’re rejuvenating your skin all in one.

4. Treat Bites

According to Lamb, before you worry about covering them, you want to make sure you’ve treated them properly, like with a counterirritant, to help stop the itching and start the healing.

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