12 Gifts For The Fashion-Forward Couple Thanks To Flowers Chocolates Are So Done

February 2, 2016

Their Instagram accounts share a devastatingly cool aesthetic, and you almost wonder how they found a partner that complements them so well. With that said, it’s a challenge to find gifts for fashionable couples — due to their intimidating sense of style, the pressure to get the perfect, customized gifts is extra-heightened.  You know the couple: they share skin care products, read each other’s magazine subscriptions, and insist that they didn’t plan…


New Legislation Could Lastly Protect Underage Models

June 5, 2013

According to a newsletter sent this morning by the Model Alliance, a not-for-profit organization working to give models a voice in the workplace, the state of New York is looking to make major legal steps in protecting young models. Senator Diane Savino, Chair of the State Labor Committee, and Senator Jeffrey Klein, the Co-Leader of the New York State Senate are proposing legislation that would extend the laws currently protecting…