Did Days Of Future Past Cause The Awakening Of Apocalypse?

May 9, 2016

The split was caused by the finale of X-Men: Days of Future Past, which altered the course of history after 1973, rendering everything after that point as being separate from what came before it (including the events of the original trilogy and both Wolverine films). Now, audiences can see a brand new adventure set in the post-Days of Future Past timeline, featuring the rise of the all-powerful mutant known as…


‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Revealed She Was High While Filming, Shocks No One

December 19, 2013

The admission came during a new interview on Dr. Phil, her first since being released from prison early about two months ago. “This is actually my first time on stage sober, so I’m really nervous,” Portwood reportedly told Dr. Phil in the interview, which is set to air Friday, Dec. 20. “Every time you see me on [Teen Mom], I am high.” This is really sad, but, at the same time, not…


Sandra Bullock actually is Too Damn Likable with This Rap Video

October 14, 2013

This time it’s Sandra Bullock who’s giving us grief, thanks to her unending need to prove to us that she’s the most endearingly likable and goofily normal famous person around. Who is also funny. And smart. And cool. And also a role model. Ugh. We get it, Sandra — you’re so goofy and charming and learned how to rap to impress boys in high school. Wooo hoo! Good for you!…


‘Man of Steel 2’ Fan-Made Trailer Shows Why Bryan Cranston Needs to Be Lex Luthor

August 27, 2013

There’s a new fan-made trailer for Man of Steel 2 starring Ben Affleck as Batman and Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor. Taking clips from Breaking Bad, Daredevil, The Dark Knight, and The Trouble With the Curve (oh hey, Amy Adams), the trailer paints a realistic, if not optimistic, picture for this much-talked about film. There are three things the Internet is obsessed with right now: Breaking Bad, Miley Cyrus, and…


New ‘Romeo And Juliet’ Trailer With Hailee Steinfeld Douglas Booth Lets Us Miss Claire Leo

July 26, 2013

William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet has been performed thousands of times, but director Carlo Carlei and script-adapter Julian Fellowes, of Downton Abbey fame, thinks there’s room for more. Their version stars Hailee Steinfeld and Douglas Booth as the most famous teens in love; Stellan Skarsgard, Damian Lewis (Brody!), Paul Giamatti, and Ed Westwick (Chuck!) are also in the flick. The movie hits theaters October 11, but there’s now a the new Romeo…


‘Independence Day’ Sequel Gets Greenlight, Yet Will Will Smith Join?

June 21, 2013

He was the kind of charismatic actor that had enoughappeal to carry both big action flicks like IndependenceDay and rom-coms like Hitch.Audiences loved him, and studiosknew he could deliver at the box office. He attached himself to bigpictures and made them a success. Since his hit sitcom The FreshPrince of Bel-Air ended in 1996,Will Smith has become one of the most successful film stars of ourgeneration. But,like many successful actors…


Actually Robert Downey Jr. to Play Tony Stark in Two More ‘Avengers’ Films

June 20, 2013

That’s a heavy blockbuster load for the actor — not only has he already appeared in three hit Iron Man movies, but his franchise is so successful, it’s not unbelievable that Iron Man 4 might be on the horizon. Iron Man must have secured an iron-clad contract. According to Marvel.com, Robert Downey Jr., who plays the iron-plated hero in Marvel’s Avengers and Iron Man movies, will return to the franchise for two more films: Avengers 2…


Actually Scott Foley Has Signed On for Season 3 of ‘Scandal’

June 14, 2013

Scott Foley, the actor formerly known as Felicity‘s Noel Crane, will continue to play your favorite Scandal character, Jake Ballard.  Good news for fans of Scandal, the ABC series that you’re sure to catch up on this summer. (Otherwise, what’s the point of being on Twitter?) That’s right: Foley has signed on as a Season 3 regular. Sure, it’s difficult to tone down your excitement… until you realize this is one giant spoiler….


Actually Justin Timberlake’s Cover Art for ‘Tunnel Vision’ Transforms His Nose into Sideboob

June 12, 2013

Plus, turning Justin Timberlake’s nose into sideboob will never let us look at Timberlake the same way again. Or a sideboob, for that matter. Justin Timberlake’s The 20/20 Experience constantly cranks out hit songs. But the cover art for his new single, “Tunnel Vision,” is quite a miss. We’re not sure whose brilliant idea it was to frame his face inside the silhouette of a naked woman, but the result is more…