How this Australian DIY Video Startup Raised its Revenue by 300 per cent in Three Years and Expanded Globally

January 10, 2019

He pledged to his afterward five-months pregnant wifesitting alongside himthat he is going to begin Shootsta ahead of their first child’s birth. Pritchett was running his movie company, Trapdoor Productions, for a decade and wanted to carry it to a completely new level. “I understood Shootsta would climb to a completely new stage that’s exactly what I was searching for as an entrepreneur,” he remembers. That is precisely what occurred….


Who Is The Masked Hero In The ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Special Trailer?

Doctor Who this Christmas
December 12, 2016

The ghosts of Christmas past, future, and present are all busy this time of year, but The Ghost is a new face ready to make a splash on Doctor Who this Christmas. The Doctor is ready for yet another disastrous Christmas — this time in New York City — and the latest trailer for the Christmas special focuses on a superhero named The Ghost, who might just give the Doctor…


Watch 360-degree GoPro footage that lets armchair adventurers dive with Hammerheads

July 2, 2016

GoPro Hammerhead sharks can grow up to 20ft and have been known to attack humans Action camera company GoPro has created a way for you to get the best view – short of strapping on a wetsuit and travelling to the Bahamas yourself. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to swim with sharks ? It’s a new 360-degree video that means you can scroll around within the window and…


‘Every American Ever’ Emphasizes 240 Years Of Contradictory ‘Murica

July 2, 2016

The video includes skits dating as far back as the American Revolution and as contemporary as today’s Miss America beauty pageants. “Every American Ever,” a video released by Smosh, celebrates (and mocks) exactly what it means to be American. Despite our urge to laugh several times throughout the skit, beneath the comedic acting there were several moments that caused pause for somewhat serious reflection. And then we just started laughing again,…


The Office’s David Brent Returned in a New Music Video

July 1, 2016

David Brent’s first music video was released Friday. It’s for his song “Lady Gypsy,” and it’s very silly. It’s a folk-rock song about falling in love with a woodland nymph, and it’s played pretty straight… Until it takes a turn halfway in. In the years since the original, British version of The Office finished airing, former office manager David Brent (Ricky Gervais) has devoted his life to pursuing his dream…


YouTube announces Periscope-style livestreaming is lastly coming to its mobile app

June 27, 2016

It’s a feature that both Facebook and Twitter are already offering with Facebook Live and Periscope respectively. YouTube has announced today that its mobile app will start allowing users to broadcast live video for the first time. And, just like Periscope, viewers will be able to comment on the broadcasts in real time with the words appearing along the side of your phone screen. “YouTube mobile live streaming will be…


To Watch Rory Gilmore Bring Michelle Obama Books and Pop-Tarts

June 26, 2016

Although Netflix still hasn’t released any new footage from the Gilmore Girls revival (or even a premiere date!), we can already see Alexis Bledel back in action as the quick-talking, binge-eating bookworm who has a bizarrely close relationship with her mother. In a new video, Bledel, as Rory Gilmore, stops by the White House to give Michelle Obama a few (read: dozens) of books for the first lady’s “Let Girls…


The Royal Pains Cast Teases the Series Finale – VIDEO

June 22, 2016

The countdown is on until Royal Pains‘ series finale on July 6 — and the stars of the show are just as sad about saying goodbye to their characters as fans are. went to the Royal Pains set while Season 8 was still in production, and chatted with cast members including Mark Feuerstein, Paulo Costanzo and Brooke D’Orsay about bringing the show to an end after eight seasons. VIDEO:…


Terraria video game guide book assists parents and children play together

June 21, 2016

Terraria: The Ultimate Survival Handbook helps kids and parents enjoy the game together It sounds like a backwards step but is actually really popular with young players because of its open world adventures and plethora of equipment to collect. Terraria is a game similar to Minecraft but played entirely in two dimensions with pixelated graphics. Penguin have just released the first official guide book for Terraria and it’s an ideal…


Is Shay Mitchell’s Blonde Hair Real? The Answer Might Surprise You

June 20, 2016

According to People, the actor took her dark brown hair blonde for summer, but it may not be here to stay. Whenever a celebrity makes a drastic hair change, there’s always a chance that it could be a wig, so if you were wondering if Shay Mitchell’s new blonde hair is real, you might be surprised. From wearing wigs for roles to trying out new looks on magazine covers, celebrities…