Kylie Jenner’s not the only one known for her incredible liplooks now

Oh no. Her older sister’s worn a nude lip long enough to be deserving ofher very own lipstick in the notorious shade. You’ve likely been waiting forthe Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips collection to drop since you learned it wasceleb-inspired. Well, you can finally shop the “Kim K.W.” nude lippie from theline. So, stop what you’re doing and get ready to add another lipstick (or two) to your collection. Kylie Jenner’s not the only one known for her incredible liplooks.

The lipsticks aren’t available at all of the retailers, just yet. Thebrand keeps teasing that there will be another week before we can expect that,but Charlotte Tilbury did tweet that the line’s available for purchase now With everything from the Kardashian-inspired nude lipstick to avibrant pink shade inspired by Kate Bosworth, you’re going to want to rack upon several of these incredible products. Bustle has reached out to the brand toconfirm a full list of retailers so you can know exactly where to expect these to be available. Because if they sell out at one store, you’re going towant to know where to look next. They’re just that good.

What are you waiting for? Go on and head over to the Spring websitebefore these are all gone. You’re going to want to rock that Kim K-esque pout, ASAP, aren’t you? That’s what I thought!

Let the shopping begin!

1. Kim K.W.

Kim K.W. Lipstick, $32, Spring

This shade is so Kim K it’s insane.

2. Miranda May

Miranda May Lipstick, $32, Spring

Miranda Kerr inspired this bright lippie, and it’s looking like the perfect fun color for summer.

3. Very Victoria

Very Victoria Lipstick, $32, Spring

Only Victoria Beckham could inspire a color this classy.

4. Super Cindy

Super Cindy Lipstick, $32, Spring

Cindy Craford isn’t known for wearing tons of makeup, so it makes sense that Tilbury would have created such a subtle shade in her honor.

5. Hot Emily

Hot Emily Lipstick, $32, Spring

A bright coral perfectly captures Emily Ratajowski’s fiery personality, and it’s sure to bring out the spice in you, too!

6. Bosworth’s Beauty

Bosworth’s Beauty Lipstick, $32, Spring

How darling is this bright pink lippie? It’s going to look great on you this summer!

7. Carina’s Love

Carina’s Love Lipstick, $32, Spring

Carina Lau inspired this bold red lipstick, and you’re going to want to wear it everywhere. You can’t beat a classic, you know?

Shop these lippies and more multiluxuryto upgrade your lip look this season!

Images: Courtesy Spring (7)